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Jon Lorentz has always combined creative expression with his passion for education, training, and development.

After studying music education at Florida State University, where he founded a successful a cappella group, Jon completed the Photographic Technology degree program at Daytona State College while supporting himself by working for Apple and simultaneously growing as a broad-based freelance photographer.

Jon's early sales success at Apple led to mentoring roles, which grew into training assignments and grew into market-level training leadership and development opportunities. At the same time, Jon started and built the photography department for the Orlando City Soccer Club as they grew from a second-tier national champion into a Major League Soccer (MLS) competitor. Never one to pigeonhole himself, Jon was also a Disney contract photographer who conceived, composed, captured, and edited stunning images featured in theme park marketing campaigns.

The passion, energy, and emotion captured in Jon's sports images drew the attention of the MLS itself and its member teams. Jon's shots have appeared several times as the MLS website featured photo and have been picked up by the Sports section of The New York Times. Jon's softer side is revealed in his fashion, lifestyle, commercial and swimwear photography.

In 2013, Jon returned to his native California with Apple and used that opportunity to join the photography team of the LA Galaxy soccer team.

The formal grounding that Jon received in the theory and practical application of education, training, and development during his five years with Apple, combined with his field experience using Canon equipment and honing images using advanced digital products, prepared Jon to move into his current position as the Product Trainer for Canon USA at the new Canon Experience Center in Orange County, California.