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Loren Simons started his adventures into the depths of the technical world while as a middle school student in Southern California. His initial interest was rooted in sound design. Picking up a Mackie 16 Channel Mixer and some used microphones, he began recording and producing local bands. He then begun his photography career by request, shooting band album covers and promotional photos to become a true one-stop-shop for musicians.

After a brief introduction to linear video editing in his father’s edit bay for a school project, Loren fell in love with the assembly process. Editing together stock footage and left over B-roll for practice, he realized that he could take his background, in both sound and photography, and multiply it by twenty-four times per second. What started out as a simple desire to create more content to practice editing, slowly transformed into a love for the relationship between light and the moving figure, something unique only to cinema.

Fully invested into motion picture, he delved into a rental house in Glendale, CA to learn all the tools of the trade. Simultaneously, he worked with Redrock Micro and was part of the transition from 35mm Adapters to HDSLR’s in 2008. Slowly, in both his position at the rental house and Redrock Micro, Loren edged closer and closer to the educational side of the operations. His love for the moving picture is only trumped by his passion for teaching its process.

In 2014, Loren joined Canon, USA and is currently at Canon Burbank as the Senior Product and Sales Trainer.