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Mason Higa spent his youth running around a rain forest, diving with turtles and picking pineapple on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu. With so much to do and always on the move, his parents would hand him a camera and camcorder to document family gatherings.

During a high school student abroad program, Mason spent a month in Paris visiting the museums, experiencing Parisian life and shot 44 rolls of film. This experience cemented his pursuit of creating images and documenting life.

During his college years, Mason spent a considerable amount of time traveling up and down the western coast. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Electronic Arts, he landed a career as a corporate trainer and traveled across the county working alongside small business owners. He has been fortunate to travel to 21 states and hopes to visit the other 29 before his 50th birthday.

Mason is currently at the Canon Experience Center as a Senior Marketing Specialist, providing on-site support management for CLL Orange County in California.