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Canon Launches New FPA-6300ES6a KrF DUV Scanner For High-Volume Production Of Memory, Logic And Image-Processing Devices

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 11, 2012 - Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, recently announced that it has commenced sales of the new FPA-6300ES6a Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) scanner, a lithography tool employing a KrF excimer laser*1 light source for the high-volume production of memory, logic and image-processing devices.

Amid an increasing demand for computers, smartphones and other advanced electronic devices, demand for the semiconductors used in the production of these products has continually increased, creating the need for tools capable of delivering high productivity, precision, reliability and capacity utilization. In response to these industry needs, Canon launched the new FPA-6300ES6a, designed for the mass production of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), flash and other memory devices; logic devices such as microprocessors for personal computers; color filters and other imaging sensors and image-processing devices.

Based on technologies cultivated through the field-proven FPA-6000 series, Canon's new FPA-6300ES6a DUV scanner achieves high throughput and high-overlay accuracy to effectively respond to the advanced needs of chip manufacturers seeking reduced cost of ownership.

High-Productivity Scanner: Throughput ≥ 200 wafers per hour*2

The new Canon DUV scanner incorporates a newly designed Reticle Stage and Wafer Stage that achieve accelerated exposure processes, significantly reducing necessary exposure times. By optimizing the wafer alignment sequence and reducing the time of wafer handling and other processes, the FPA-6300ES6a model realizes a high throughput rate of more than 200 wafers per hour,*2 an approximately 60 percent improvement over its predecessor.*3

High-Accuracy Scanner: Overlay ≤ 5nm*4

The FPA-6300ES6a DUV scanner employs highly sophisticated stage-control technologies, an improved alignment scope and precise temperature control to make possible an overlay accuracy of 5nm.*4 Additionally, it offers an advanced NA 0.86 projection optical system and a wide range of options to support demanding and robust device production.

FPA-6300ES6a KrF Scanning Stepper Features


  1. 200 wafers per hour throughput*2

    • The FPA-6300ES6a lithography tool is a KrF stepping scanner that utilizes a new Reticle Stage and Wafer Stage to provide accurate stage synchronization during scan exposure of semiconductor wafers. The new Reticle Stage and Wafer Stage provide increased stage drive acceleration that reduces wafer exposure times substantially.

    • FPA-6300ES6a stage improvements also reduce wafer loading and alignment times. Overall, the FPA-6300ES6a scanner productivity improvements represent a 60 percent throughput increase*3 to over 200 wafers per hour.


  2. 5nm Overlay Accuracy*4

    • The FPA-6300ES6a utilizes multiple technologies to provide accurate image overlay during exposure. To reduce image distortion, the FPA-6300ES6a adopts advanced synchronous controls and high-level damping technology to control Reticle and Wafer Stage vibration.

    • Fine-temperature management technology also improves overlay accuracy by stabilizing air-flow and temperatures around the Reticle Stage, Wafer Stage, Projection Lens and Alignment Scopes.

    • FPA-6300ES6a overlay options and upgrades allow the scanner to deliver 5nm overlay*4 accuracy to our customers.


  3. Durability and maintenance improvements in the FPA-6300ES6a

    • Building upon the reliable and stable FPA-6000 Series of scanners, the FPA-6300ES6a provides substantial improvements in terms of base durability and maintenance requirements.

    • The FPA-6300ES6a platform provides rapid installation and increased system uptime and availability.


  4. Updated Projection Lens and Upgrade Options extend to next-generation semiconductor manufacturing

    • 0.86 High NA (Numerical Aperture) Projection Lens.

    • FPA-6300ES6a options and upgrades further improve overlay accuracy and productivity, offering scalability to support next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.

Main Features of the FPA-6300ES6a

Item Configuration
Reticle Size 6 inch, t = 0.25 inch
Wafer Size Ø 300 mm
Projection Optics Magnification 1/4
0.50 - 0.86
Field Size 26 x 33 mm
Overlay Accuracy |m| + 3σ ≥5nm*
Throughput ≥200 wafers/hour**
Unit Dimensions Approx. 2,300(w) x 5,155 (d) x 2,900 mm (h)
Major Options High-Throughput Upgrade Option
Overlay Upgrade Option

* With overlay Upgrade option applied

** 12-inch (300 mm) wafers, 98 shots with High-Throughput Upgrade Option applied

*1 A laser with an exposure wavelength of 248nm that employs a mixture of the noble gas krypton and the halogen gas fluorine. One nanometer is 1/1,000,000,000 (one one-billionth) of a meter

*2 12-inch (300 mm) wafers, 98 shots with High-Throughput Upgrade Option applied

*3 FPA-6000ES6a, released in 2005

*4 With Overlay Upgrade option applied.

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FPA-6300ES6a Deep Ultra-Violet (DUV) scanner