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Sponsorship Inquiries

Canon Professional Imaging Production Equipment Request and Support

Canon USA, Inc. ("Canon USA") supports the professional imaging industry through numerous events, workshops and programs each year. In connection with this support, Canon USA's Professional Engineering and Solutions Division offers a program (the "Program") through which a limited number of select Canon products are loaned and/or donated for use by photographers and cinematographers for select projects. The guidelines and FAQ's for the Program are set forth below. Please read these guidelines and FAQ's fully before submitting your request related to the Program.

General Guidelines:

  • This Program is targeted to professional organizations only. We are unable to support individual photographic or cinematic projects, nor do we support "prosumer" or consumer photographic events or projects.
  • Requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. We have a limited amount of equipment available, so not all qualified requests can be supported. Canon USA's decision regarding a request is made in its sole, non-reviewable discretion and is final.
  • Requests need to be submitted 4-6 months prior to the date of the event or shoot in order to ensure equipment availability. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, please allow 2-4 weeks for a response once you have submitted your request.

While we are unable to fulfill the many requests received from schools across the country, Canon USA's growing commitment to education allows us to offer special pricing to K-12 and higher learning institutions on imaging products that will help enhance the learning process. Please visit http://www.usa.canon.com/education for more information.

We offer free and fee-based training to the imaging community through the Canon Digital Learning Center and Canon Live Learning. Learn more about our education and training programs at http://www.usa.canon.com/dlc.

Canon USA, through the Corporate Social Responsibility Department, contributes to a wide variety of corporate social responsibility programs including Canon Envirothon, the Yellowstone Park Foundation, and Canon4Kids, which helps support the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Department welcomes proposals from qualified 501(C)3 organizations. Click here to view our Corporate Social Responsibility Guidelines, and to access our online donation request form.

You can learn more about the Canon USA Corporate Social Responsibility Dept. by visiting http://www.usa.canon.com/environment.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page.

I am a professional photographer and need support and printing services for my latest exhibition. I will also publish a book, which will reach thousands of viewers. Will Canon USA provide prints for my exhibition and help fund my book?
Canon USA does not support individual projects. You may wish to check with a local photography group or a related organization to see what they have to offer.

I am a photographer using another brand of camera and I want to switch; what can Canon USA do for me?
Canon USA does not have any exchange or up sell programs to help photographers switch to Canon products. When you do switch over to Canon products you will receive all the benefits that come from being a Canon camera owner. For example, Canon Professional Services (CPS) supports professional photographers and videographers with, among other things, service, loans and expedited repairs.

We are a regional photo club with a strong following of amateur and advanced amateur photographers. Would someone from Canon USA speak at one of our meetings?
Canon USA supports professional imaging organizations; and photo clubs that have more than 100 registered members. Please complete our Support/Production Equipment Request Formand provide details of the subject matter you would like the Canon representative to cover, as well as the date and location of the meeting.

I am a small independent filmmaker who needs assistance creating my latest film. Does Canon USA offer funding, equipment loans or donation for projects like this?
Canon USA does not provide direct funding for individual projects. Our support is limited to lending or donating equipment for qualified projects. We work with a number of independent film organizations that can provide low-cost equipment rental and support.

I am a filmmaker/journalist/music video/still photographer/artist and doing a unique project. Will Canon USA support my project with money or equipment in exchange for promotional footage that can be used by Canon USA?
Canon USA supports projects based entirely on the scale and merit of the production, as determined by our review team. Please feel free to complete the Support/Production Equipment Request Form and provide details of your project. There is no guarantee we will be able to sponsor your project, even if it is a Major Production by a name-brand team. We typically do not sponsor creative projects that lack a distribution agreement or funded promotion plan.

I'm an independent filmmaker, making a really cool movie using the latest technology and cutting-edge gear. If you support this it will position Canon as the leader in this space. How do I get your equipment to use for this project?
Canon USA does not sponsor individual projects, no matter how unique the subject matter or technology.

I am putting together a photo contest for landscape photographers. Would Canon USA donate a prize for the contest?
We may provide a prize as recognition for creative endeavor, provided the following criteria are met:

  • Contestants earn 70% or more of their annual income from photography
  • Contestants are affiliated with a professional image-making organization

Unfortunately this excludes amateur photography programs and events. If your contest does meet the above criteria then please complete our Support/Production Equipment Request Form.

I am director of a Film Festival/Photo Festival. Can I borrow equipment to cover the event?
If the potential exposure is Large Scale (as defined above), then please complete our Support/Production Equipment Request Form.

I work for a very large university, and we use Canon equipment throughout the organization. I am also chairperson of the university Amateur Astrophotography group. I need Canon USA to provide our group with cameras; this will make everyone in the university more committed to Canon products.
While Canon appreciates every customer's business, our Program is based entirely on the merit of the individual program or activity. As this is an amateur program, it does not qualify for support.

I am an educator putting together an advanced techniques workshop. How do I get funding and cameras from Canon USA?
Canon USA generally does not provide direct support for workshops of this nature. We do offer special pricing on some of our products to traditional educational facilities e.g. certified colleges and schools. Visit our website at http://www.usa.canon.com/edu for more information.

We are a nonprofit organization helping inner city kids learn photography. Would Canon sponsor us?
Canon USA supports 501 (C) 3 organizations through Canon USA's Corporate Social Responsibility Program. Please visit the Canon USA Corporate Social Responsibility website at http://www.usa.canon.com/environment.

I operate a photography review website which gets over 40,000 hits a day. Can I get free cameras in exchange for advertising or a positive review on my site?
Canon USA does not offer equipment donations in exchange for advertising placement. We also do not purchase paid endorsements or editorial content.

We operate an online service where professionals can upload and share their favorite images. We would like Canon USA to promote us on the Canon USA website as most shooters use Canon.
This Program does not offer cross-marketing or promotion activities to third parties.

I have a technical website and or educational DVD on photography/videography, etc. I would like to write a review and need to borrow the relevant Canon products. Who do I contact?
You should submit a request to our corporate PR department through this online form.

I would like to work with Canon USA on an application, SDK, or technical partnerships. Who do I speak to about third party integration?
Please contact us at prodeveloper@cusa.canon.com.

I am working on a production and feel there is an appropriate product placement opportunity for Canon imaging products. Can you provide equipment and sign a Product Placement Agreement?
If you are working on a production with distribution through theatrical, broadcast and/or cable outlets ("Major Production"), please complete our Support/Production Equipment Request Formand provide details of the opportunity. We will get back to you within 6 weeks if we feel this production aligns with our marketing and promotion goals.