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For every person that deserves a reward or incentive, Canon has a product to fit their lifestyle: digital cameras, SLR cameras, photo printers, scanners, camcorders and more. Choose from brand name products like PowerShot, ELPH, EOS, Rebel, PIXMA, Sure Shot and others in our Corporate Gifts & Incentives Catalog.


The Canon Special Account Sales advantage offers expertise in incentives, corporate gifts and all special markets needs through:

  • Canon's reputation as a world leader in optics and imaging solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Custom kits and accessories
  • Remailer packaging
  • Product brochures and promotional materials

Canon Special Account Sales emphasizes customer service and focuses on your company's specific needs. Canon offers a wide range of quality products at a variety of price points to meet your budget. Experienced sales representatives are available to help you select the "picture perfect" product, including complete digital solutions that make ordering easy by providing everything your recipient needs to print their own photos in a single box. For inquires about corporate sales for use as gifts, premiums, incentives, promotions or rewards contact us at specialmarkets@cusa.canon.com or call a Canon sales representative toll free at 866-50-CANON.


IMA is proud to count Canon, an incentive market leader, as a Charter Member of the Incentive Marketing Association since 1999.

CANON U.S.A., INC. has been named a winner of Incentive magazine's prestigious Platinum Partners Award for 2006. Over 40,000 of the industry's most qualified corporate decision-makers marked their selections for the best merchandise suppliers in their field...the people, products and services that helped them most in motivating their employees and customers over the past year. CANON U.S.A., INC. has received this prestigious award for 10 consecutive years.

Sales managers know that salespeople love to win. Salespeople know that winning in a tough economy requires far greater effort, and they want their hard work to be rewarded and recognized by their managers. While sincere praise has its place, a well-deserved reward will lead to a boost in motivation and a greater commitment to stay at higher performance levels. Designing and running successful incentive programs demand a fine balance between art and science. To help sales managers identify the top sales-incentive solutions, Selling Power has chosen the top 10 incentive solutions that are known to deliver consistent bottom-line results.


Select your region from the list below to locate a sales rep in your area. A phone number as well as an email address is provided for your convenience (* denotes main contact).



  • Servicing: Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin (western)
  • Contacts: Bill Cassidy*, Sarah Swenson
  • Phone: 651-452-4485
  • Fax:      651-452-0561


  • Servicing: Illinois (northern) and Wisconsin (eastern)
  • Contacts: Debbie Bertram*, Lore Herrera
  • Phone: 630-515-0800
  • Fax:      630-515-0865


  • Servicing: California, Nevada, Hawaii and Pacific NW
  • Contacts: Peter Adanalian
  • Phone: 805-498-8262
  • Fax:      805-498-5562


  • Servicing: Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky (northern), Ohio and Pennsylvania (western)
  • Contacts: Mark Oldenburg*
  • Phone: 847-234-1181
  • Fax:      847-234-1191


  • Servicing: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont
  • Contacts: Dan Craig*, Renee Ambrifi, Geoff Kearton
  • Phone: 508-636-0750
  • Fax:      508-636-0751


  • Servicing: New Jersey (northern) and New York
  • Contacts: Jeff Epstein*, Debbie Mischel, Angela Kolen, Sara Mischel
  • Phone: 516-487-0073
  • Fax:      516-487-0053


  • Servicing: Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia
  • Contacts: Wayne Plybon*, Scott Plybon
  • Phone: 704-847-1400
  • Fax:      704-845-2316


  • Servicing: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey (southern), Pennsylvania (eastern), Virginia and Washington DC
  • Contacts: Steve Hagelin*, Mary Kate Isajewicz
  • Phone: 267-638-0100
  • Fax:      267-638-0101


  • Servicing: Illinois (southern), Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska
  • Contacts: Bob Howenstein
  • Phone: 636-537-1912
  • Fax:     636-537-5344


  • Servicing: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming
  • Contacts: Tasha Sharp
  • Phone: 602-268-7104
  • Fax:     602-268-7106

This resource guide is compiled from key business publications to help business professionals learn more about:

  • Why to use merchandise to engage customers, motivate a sales force, reward employees, celebrate a company milestone or holiday.
  • What 'Trophy Value' is, and why it doesn't exist in a cash reward.

Incentive Strategy Articles & Case Studies (PDFs)

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  • As businesses discover the value of incentives, the corporate goody bag is swelling.
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  • Why Cash Incentives Fail
  • They're spent on necessities and quickly forgotten. Find out how to keep your incentive programs from going up in flames.
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  • Delta Loyalty Program Keeps Sales Flowing
  • Get in Step With Channel Partners: See how The Delta Faucet Company's loyalty program uses merchandise to motivate partners to complete training.
  • Courtesy of SalesForceXP, July/August 2005
  • Hot Hot Motivation
  • How to spot the 5 trends that will motivate your sales team.
  • Courtesy of Selling Power, April 2005

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To view our catalog of available products, click here.

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