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Office of the Future

The future is here, with digital transformation strategies rapidly disrupting modern-day office environments, their related technologies, and the way we work. With the imminent evolution of technology heavily influencing everything from business workflow to employee habits to cybersecurity and beyond, many companies face questions on how to navigate the new workplace.

The Canon Office of the Future platform, founded in 2017, commits to helping companies keep up with the ever-changing landscape by offering the latest trends, data insights, and solutions needed to adapt. By facilitating panel discussions and uncovering key insights to further the future of work, we’re shifting the conversation from uncertainty toward solutions.

In its ongoing effort to keep enterprises updated, Canon recently released its second iteration of its Office of the Future Survey, focused explicitly on security, to identify key challenges and opportunities for companies to continue to work smarter and remain protected. Together, we can explore the limitless possibilities and proactively anticipate what lies ahead to best prepare for the future of work.

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