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"Embrace technology and master technique. They are the essential tools for expressing your creative vision through photography!"

- George Lepp



George D. Lepp is one of North America's best-known contemporary outdoor and nature photographers. His passions for natural beauty, technical precision, cutting-edge technology, and environmental responsibility are revealed in his beautiful and compelling photographic images. He is also widely recognized for his unique dedication to sharing his photographic and biological knowledge with other photographers through his seminars and writing. In both realms, George Lepp is a leader in the rapidly advancing field of digital imaging.

Lepp's images have appeared in some of the world's most widely viewed venues and on the covers of many books and magazines, including Natural History, Car and Driver, PC Photo, and Outdoor Photographer; at prestigious galleries and museums throughout the United States; and at the corporate headquarters of Canon U.S.A., Eastman Kodak, and Epson America. He was chosen by Canon U.S.A. as one of the first members of its Explorers of Light program, which features the industry's most influential photographers. He is known for his sweeping panoramas that capture the magnificence of locations in Africa, Antarctica, the Netherlands, and North America. His stock and assignment photography is represented by Getty, Corbis, and Photo Researchers.

Lepp is regularly read in popular photographic magazines; he is the field editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine, where he has a monthly column. He is the author of many books, including "Wildlife Photography: Stories from the Field", "Golden Poppies of California", and "Beyond the Basics I and II: Innovative Techniques for Outdoor and Nature Photography", as well as hundreds of articles on photography. He has taught at Photoshop World, Santa Fe Workshops, Palm Beach Workshops, and founded the Lepp Institute of Digital Imaging. Lepp is a founding board member and fellow of the North American Nature Photographers Association and winner of many awards for his work, including Photo Media's Photography Person of the Year and the prestigious Progress Award, the highest given by the Photographic Society of America.

First trained in wildlife and wild lands management, George Lepp later earned a BPA and honorary MS in Professional Photography from Brooks Institute. He and his wife Kathryn, a writer and editor, live in Bend, Oregon.