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Cinema EOS cameras Firmware Update Comparison Chart

Cinema EOS cameras Firmware Update Comparison Chart


EOS C500

EOS C300

EOS C100


ACESproxy Output from Monitor Terminal        
Support for DCI-P3+ Color Gamut (Cinema RAW Development)        
Canon Proprietary Cinema Gamut        
Canon Log LUT Available over 3G-SDI Monitor Terminal        
Cooling Fan Control        
4096x1080 RAW Resolution        
Peripheral Lens Correction Available on Select Cinema & EF Lenses        
Chromatic Aberration Correction        
ISO up to 80,000        
Ability to Shift the Magnification Location in the Viewfinder        
Record Button Lock        
Continuous Recording        
GPS Support        
Multi-person Login for the Canon Wi-Fi® Remote Application        
Support for New Remote Controller        
Ability to Assign ISO and Iris Operation to the Control Dial        
Wide DR Gamma        
1440 x 1080 35Mbps to Meet Broadcast Requirements        
Push Auto Iris/One-Shot AF        
AE Shift/Selecting the Metering Mode        
Flicker Reduction        
Camera Menus now Controllable from Buttons on Camera Body        
Sound Recording with Line Input        
  • : Indicates feature newly supported by the firmware/factory.
  • : Indicates feature currently available.
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