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Kate Wood icing baking home kitchen food
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  • camera

    • Canon EOS R with Control Ring Mount Adapter EF-EOS R
  • lens

    • EF 50mm F/1.8 II
  • settings

    • 1/60 sec.
    • f/2.0
    • ISO 320

Down-Home Cooking

Kate Wood

I live in the small town of Selma, AL. Here, food is a central part of community, gatherings, and everyday life. Many of these recipes have passed the test of time and have become deeply rooted within the families and traditions that exist here.

“There’s a lot of love and joy that comes with sharing food.”

For me, there’s always been so much community and love centered around the table and the food we share there. I want people to feel inspired to create that kind of space in the kitchen for themselves. There’s a lot of love and joy that comes with sharing food.

Visual storytelling is all about the feeling in the photos. I want to transport the viewer into my home, my kitchen; to become a part of what’s happening in the photo; to feel like they can taste, smell and experience all the sights and sounds.

Kate Wood photographer


Kate Wood

  • Kate Wood is the self-taught baker, writer, and photographer behind the Wood & Spoon blog. She is a transplant to LA (that’s Lower Alabama, y’all!) where she and her husband are raising two tiny humans. She believes in thank you notes, laughing at yourself, and the magic that happens when good friends share a meal.

  • thewoodandspoon.com

Kate Wood | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive

Kate Wood | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive