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Tezza Barton and Cole Herrmann | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive
orange fabric blonde Tezza Barton Cole Hermann
about this photo
  • camera

    • Canon EOS R
  • lens

    • RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM
  • settings

    • 1/1250 sec.
    • f/4.0
    • ISO 250

Parts to a Whole

Tezza Barton and Cole Herrmann

After getting married in 2016, we decided to move to NYC to follow our artistic dreams and immerse ourselves into our creations. We like to think of our work as an expression of “the art of life.” We hope to inspire viewers to find the beauty in their own lives, to turn the mundane into the remarkable, to tweak their reality just a few degrees and see the world in a new way.

“The partnership that we have created allows us to explore our ideas without hesitation or restraint.”
clouds blonde Tezza Barton iridescent Cole Hermann

We wanted to focus on the smaller parts that create the whole. We, as two creators, came together to express a single concept through self-portraiture that shares inspiration by telling the story of how we came to be where we are today.

orange fabirc blonde model Tezza Barton Cole Hermann

The partnership that we have created allows us to explore our ideas without hesitation or restraint as we remain honest and open throughout the process.

Blonde model fashion Tezza Barton Cole Hermann
Tezza Barton and Cole Herrmann Photographer couple


    Tezza Barton & Cole Herrmann

  • Tezza and Cole both grew up in Utah, meeting as children through their parents’ friendship. They moved to New York after they got married in 2016. Following programs at FIT and Parsons, Tezza graduated from the University of Utah with her BFA and an emphasis in photography. Cole has a background in technology and programming, but has always had an eye for photography. When Tezza and Cole got together, their creative partnership instantly bloomed as they built off of each other’s energy and ideas.

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