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Tyson Wheatley | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive
Oje Ihonvbere Thyson Wheatley steam happy revolution
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  • camera

    • Canon EOS R
  • lens

    • RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM
  • settings

    • 1/500 sec.
    • f/4.0
    • ISO 100

Rising Revolutionaries

Tyson Wheatley

I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell – and every story is worth listening to. The people I chose for this project aren't household names. They aren't "famous," but each one is doing or making something to be an integral part of these revolutionary times we live in. My hope is to lend a voice to these rising revolutionaries.

The people I chose to highlight challenge what it means to be revolutionary today. Oje Ihonvbere, a UX designer and photographer, embraces three nationalities – American, Canadian, and Nigerian. Through his work, he is helping to create and improve the digital products people use every day.

“I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell – and every story is worth listening to.”
Tyson Wheatley Natalie Lim Suarez polka dot suit red rising revolutionary

Reuben Wu, a Chicago-based visual artist and music producer, co-founded the band Ladytron. In addition to his musical accomplishments, he’s recently gained notoriety for his cutting-edge drone photography, and has recently released his first photo book, Lux Noctis.

Tyson Wheatley Reuben Wu black shirt alley cab

Model Natalie Lim Suarez, a notable figure in the fashion industry, launched design collaborations that were sold in top retailers around the world. She showcases her passion for photography, creative direction, design, and writing on her blog, Natalie Off Duty.

Tyson Wheatley India Bradley ballerina reflective red

India Bradley is one of the youngest members of the New York City Ballet’s corps de ballet. She trained at the Dance Theatre of Harlem before moving to the School of American Ballet, and will soon be performing in The Nutcracker.

Images are a powerful way to tell a story. They convey meaning, emotion – without words.

Tyson Wheatley Matthew Schreiber

Matthew Schreiber has been creating art for more than three decades. His incredible installations – often using lasers – have been showcased at festivals around the world. Matthew is also a leading figure in hologram technology and creation.

Tyson Wheatley photographer


    Tyson Wheatley

  • Tyson Wheatley is a former CNN journalist turned freelance travel, lifestyle and commercial photographer. He lives in Queens, New York, with his girlfriend, Lila, and dog, Jet. In his spare time he hosts Tinker*Podcast, and interviews guests on the creative process.

  • tysonwheatley.com

Tyson Wheatley | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive

Tyson Wheatley | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive