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Nicole Isaacs | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive
Tunisia street food vendor candid Nicole Isaacs
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  • camera

    • Canon EOS R
  • lens

    • RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM
  • settings

    • 1/1250 sec.
    • f/4.0
    • ISO 250

Traversing Tunisia

Nicole Isaacs

As a travel and food blogger, I usually am the one in front of the camera while someone else takes my picture. This past month, I wanted to use my camera to capture other people, and the natural, candid interactions I had with the locals. Tunisia is a country less traveled, and I wanted to show a glimpse of the culture through my eyes.

“I wanted to show a glimpse of the culture through my eyes.”

The first image is of a man selling sweets in the Old Medina of Tunis. I walked by him and saw him sitting there and had to capture the picture-perfect scene. I politely asked if I could take his picture. He kindly agreed and sat just as he was while I quickly took a few shots of him.

As I explored, I was drawn to the chiming sounds of the carving. I noticed a man concentrating intently as he carved a beautiful golden mortar. When I stopped to watched him, he looked up and smiled at me. I stood there and watched for a few minutes, asking him questions before deciding to buy one. He carved my name in Arabic on it, so it was the perfect souvenir to bring home.

In Sidi Bou Said, in Tunis, I came across a man selling flower ornaments. I was taking pictures of my surroundings when I noticed that he kept looking at me and smiling. He was standing in the perfect location, so I snapped a few pictures of him. He smiled the whole time and I waved and said thank you.

From the corner of my eye, I notice an old man walking down an alley in the Medina in Nabeul, Tunisia. When he saw me, I showed him my camera to ask him for approval. He broke out in the biggest smile and stood there and posed for me. This is my favorite picture of the trip. The man was so sweet and continued to smile until I was done taking his picture. I will never forget that moment!

Nicole Isaacs Tunisia metalworker shop old man
Nicole Isaacs Tunisia fez flower vendor
Nicole Isaacs Tunisia alley street life

Because I am not a photographer, the challenge was to capture these moments in the most authentic way possible and not miss the moment by having to spend too much time adjusting the settings on the camera before shooting. They were all shot very quickly, with the approval and permission of the person.

Nicole Isaacs photographer


    Nicole Isaacs

  • Nicole Isaacs launched her blog in 2009 to share her exotic travel experiences and passion for food, lifestyle, and local culture. The Los Angeles native’s creative expertise is showcased through her carefully curated Instagram feed and blog posts.

    Upon graduating from UCLA with a degree in World Arts and Cultures, Nicole decided to start working in the entertainment industry, including as a field producer on E! Entertainment’s hit show Fashion Police. With her background in production, Nicole started her own production company and creative agency called HUNGRYApe, which specializes in digital and social content for brands around the world. She now travels the world full time, working and collaborating with the biggest global brands.

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Nicole Isaacs | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive

Nicole Isaacs | Storytellers | Canon EOS R aRchive