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Reimagine Optical Excellence

See how Canon’s new EOS R system can help reimagine optical excellence and capture the beauty of the world.

Discovering Canon’s New EOS R System

Get to know Canon’s new EOS R system, which enables maximum optical performance and opens up an exciting possibility to anyone wanting to capture creative images.

Introducing Canon’s RF Lenses

Discover Canon’s new RF lenses and the EOS R camera’s features that help to deliver incredible possibilities.

Canon EOS R System Operability

Watch how Canon’s new EOS R system operations provide a high level of customization options for fast, intuitive shooting.

Canon EOS R Dual Pixel CMOS AF

See how Canon’s EOS R Dual Pixel CMOS AF sensor and the DIGIC 8 Image Processor deliver fast, efficient performance and phenomenal image quality.

Short Movie:
Lake Natron

Watch and discover why the new EOS R system is set to make an impression on photographers and storytellers today and far into the future.

Discover the New Canon EOS R System with Rudy Winston

Find out all the great benefits and future possibilities the EOS R system has to offer with this insightful video hosted by Canon U.S.A. Technical Advisor, Rudy Winston.

World's Longest Slip and Slide out of a Cargo Airplane! 

Watch an epic video of skydiving slip and sliders filmed by Devin Graham and crew using the new Canon EOS R camera.

Intro to the EOS R System

Join Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston as he introduces the EOS R mirrorless system in the first of this series of instructional videos. He’ll cover topics such as the camera, lens mount, compatibility, operational features, optics, and much more.

At the Heart of the EOS R System: Optics

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston discusses the RF lens mount architecture, what it means for optical performance, and also the four RF-mount lenses released with the body.


Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston talks about the variety of current Canon EOS gear that’s compatible with the new EOS R camera. From batteries, to Speedlites, to every EF and EF-S lens -- making it easy to add to your current gear bag.

Introducing the EOS R Camera

Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston introduces the Canon EOS R camera, its basic features and control layout, and the types of photography it’s well suited to.

Still-image Operations

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston walks photographers through the EOS R camera’s basic operations. He’ll cover the similarities and differences in the adjustments and camera settings between your DSLR and the new EOS R camera.

Control Ring and Multi-function Bar

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston covers the functionality of two new controls unique to the Canon EOS R system. First, the control ring on RF lenses and on the Canon EF-EOS R control ring lens mount adapter. Then, the Multi-function bar on the EOS R camera body. Rudy also shares practical examples of how to customize these controls.

Electronic Viewfinder and AF

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Rudy Winston explains two vital features of the EOS R camera: The electronic viewfinder (or EVF), and its Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus system. Rudy covers functionality, options, and ways to optimize the EVF and autofocus for your needs.

4K and More

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Brent Ramsey introduces the EOS R system’s video features. Brent discusses frame rates, specs and recording options.

Video Controls and Operation

In this episode, Canon Technical Advisor Brent Ramsey talks about the EOS R system’s video functions and controls, and shares his favorite tips and tricks on how he personally sets up the camera to shoot video.

EOS R Documentary: Walking the Rift

Join Cinematographer Hiro Matsuzaki as he documents his experience using Canon’s new EOS R system while venturing out on foot in Lake Natron, to capture the rift valley’s environmental beauty.

Canon EOS RP: The Portable Performer

With its compact size, comfortable grip, vari-angle touchscreen LCD and electronic viewfinder, Canon’s EOS RP camera can help you capture impressive results with the quality, control and ease you crave.

Discover the Canon EOS RP Camera with Jon Lorentz

Learn about all of the great features and benefits the EOS RP camera has to offer with Canon U.S.A. expert Jon Lorentz.

Canon EOS RP Sample Video – RED in Ordinary Life

See how Canon’s EOS RP camera captures the beauty of the color red in ordinary life scenarios.

Canon EOS RP: Behind the Scenes with Filmmaker Takayuki Akachi

Go behind the scenes with filmmaker Takayuki Akachi as he documents his experience using Canon’s EOS RP camera to capture everyday activities.

Meet the EOS RP Camera

Get acquainted with Canon’s newest full-frame mirrorless camera and its benefits, including tremendous image quality, low-light sensitivity and compact size.

EOS RP Features: Full Frame Advantage

Learn how the EOS RP camera’s full-frame image sensor helps bring in more light, more lens options, more detail and less noise to your pictures.

EOS RP Features: Mirrorless Benefits

The EOS RP camera features the latest mirrorless lens, camera and imaging technologies in a small, quiet and affordable package.

EOS RP Features: Ease of Use

The EOS RP camera makes it easy to step up to full-frame photography and capture amazing shots.

EOS RP Features: A Variety of Lens Options

The EOS RP camera lets you take advantage of Canon’s complete line-up of RF, EF and EF-S lenses for remarkable creative opportunities.

EOS RP Features: EVF Benefits

See how the EOS RP camera’s built-in EVF (electronic viewfinder) can help you preview what you are shooting.

EOS RP Features: Low-light Capabilities

The EOS R camera has the tools and technology to help capture great shots in challenging low-light scenarios.

EOS RP Features: Vari-angle LCD Monitor Benefits

The EOS RP camera’s versatile LCD monitor helps you capture shots from virtually any angle.

EOS RP Features: Autofocus Results

The EOS RP camera has impressive AF features to help you get sharp pictures, quickly and accurately.

EOS RP Features: Focus Bracketing Benefits

Learn how to sharpen your images with this convenient feature built in to the EOS RP camera.

Full-Frame Mirrorless System - Videos

Full-Frame Mirrorless System - Videos