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From Light To Ink

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The Pros

Rafael "RC" Concepcion

RC is an award-winning photographer and author of the best-selling books Get Your Photography On the Web and The HDR Book. He is also the Director of Content and Education for Kelby Media Group, host of the popular podcasts Photography Tips and Tricks, The Lightroom Show and The Grid with Scott Kelby, and featured instructor at Kelby One.

Karen Grubb Headshot

Karen Grubb

Karen excels at the art of getting away. She started her freelance photography career driving along the California coast to capture images that represent her love for the outdoors. Her passion has led to projects with several international companies, allowing her to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Iceland-locations.

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The Unveiled
Man Jumping In Air

Shelby Hickenlooper

Shelby is a Salt Lake City-based portrait and wedding photographer, as well as a lover of raw emotion, new experiences, and all things travel. Inspired by moody lighting, beautiful people, and her husband, Scott, Shelby is always learning, curious, and ready to capture an adventure.

Man holding baby

Erin Monroe

Erin is an award-winning, internationally published photographer based in Orlando, Florida. Her passion is in lifestyle and, in particular, birth photography. She works with several birth-related charities, including Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep and ICAN's Central Florida Mom Prom.

Woman walking through wave in Pacific Ocean

Michelle Nicoloff

Michelle combines the love for her children, the Pacific Ocean and photography through her images. She has been capturing families in California and Texas for nearly a decade and has recently discovered a passion for water photography. Her photos inspire others to get out into nature and enjoy it with the ones they love.


Rachel Tine

Rachel’s aptitude for photography blossomed early on; at 16, she landed her first gig photographing the Dresden Dolls. When a fire claimed all of her gear, she was forced to put her pursuits on hold. As time passed, she began to doubt her abilities, but when a friend lent Rachel a Canon 5D camera, her passion was reawakened.

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See how professionals are growing their business with imagePROGRAF

Michael Ori Image From Video

Michael Ori

Using a Canon imagePROGRAF large format printer paired with a Canon EOS-1D C Camera, Ori simultaneously records 4K video, rips stills and creates high quality prints.  With a true line from light to ink, Ori and his team enjoy an input to output workflow that helps save time, generate revenue, and grow business.

Tyler Stableford Image from Video

Tyler Stableford

Using an imagePROGRAF large format printer paired with a Canon EOS-1D C camera, a Canon 5D Mark III camera, and a Canon 1DX camera, Tyler is capturing THE FARMERS project.  With a true line from light to ink, Stableford enjoys an input to output workflow that's bringing the American frontier into a whole new light.

Douglas Kirkland Image From Video

Douglas Kirkland

Using a Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8400 large format printer, paired with Canon cameras, lenses and Speedlites, Douglas brings some of his most iconic work to life, on a daily basis.  With a true line from light to ink, Kirkland enjoys an input to output workflow that gives him creative control from shoot to print.