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See Beyond Darkness

At Canon, we’re always looking for new ways to apply our technology and help the world see the impossible. Recently, researchers relied on our low-light camera technology to capture footage of a newly-discovered biofluorescent turtle in the Solomon Islands. Using minimal light enabled these amazing creatures to be viewed in their natural environment, opening a portal into this beautiful unknown world.

"See Beyond Darkness"
See what happens when you take Canon technology to a remote coral reef in the middle of the night.

The Making of "See Beyond Darkness"
Go behind the scenes and discover how researches and filmmakers utilize Canon technology to help see the impossible.


Interview with Cinematographer Andy Casagrande
Cinematographer Andy Casagrande speaks about his experience using Canon technology in extremely low light conditions during the production of “See Beyond Darkness” in the Solomon Islands.

Interview with Director Klaus Obermeyer
Director Klaus Obermeyer shares his thoughts on utilizing Canon technology to showcase a near-extinct, biofluorescent turtle in the dark underwater reefs of the remote Solomon Islands.