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Canon See Impossible

Jennifer Wu - Blue Crystals

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They were beautiful blue crystals. The white receding waves stood out from the volcanic black sand beach but they didn’t look wispy. I wanted to create the silky look of the water by using a long exposure.

Canon See Impossible - Jennifer Wu - Blue Crystals on the Water

I photographed at 2 seconds to get the wispy white lines. I set the aperture to f/16 to help get that longer exposure time and I used a polarizing filter to reduce reflections. Photographed with the super sharp EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM lens set to 16 mm for wide-angle coverage of the beach and icebergs.

The larger waves came in sets of three and I waited for some to go over the smaller rocks. One large wave covered the beach and rolled over my feet in my knee-high rubber boots. As the wave pulled back into the ocean, I pressed the shutter release and captured the wispy lines of the water.

Canon See Impossible - Jennifer Wu - Melting Icebergs

I chose the Canon EOS 5DS R camera with 50.6 Megapixel for this trip so I could make really big prints. I selected the lens I tend to use the most, the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens for its versatile focal length and used it for the rest of these images.

When we left the beach, we went to the nearby ice lagoon for a boat ride. We added some rain gear to the cameras for protection from the waves and ventured into the lake to photograph the floating icebergs. This one was melting – I loved the textures on it as well as the blue color.

As we got close to the iceberg, I asked our guide to stop in front of it. I set the camera to f/5, 1/400 second, ISO 100 and set the lens to 35 mm focal length to take the shot.

We continued around the lake and came upon this unique iceberg with the black lines contrasting with the blue ice. I liked how the boat allowed us to get eye level with it.

I photographed it at f/5.6 and 1/500. I used the faster shutter speed to stop the action as we were moving slightly. In order to get that higher shutter speed, I raised the ISO to 320. The overcast day provided nice soft light on the icebergs.

Canon See Impossible - Jennifer Wu - Icebergs with Black Lines
Canon See Impossible - Jennifer Wu - Waterfalls

On the same trip, we went to a beautiful waterfall. I often start out photographing a scene with a wide-angle lens, because it is my favorite perspective, and then zoom in to get the details.

Here I started out with the EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM set to 28mm to photograph the broad view of the waterfall. I wanted to get in close to the foreground rocks, so wearing rubber boots, I waded into the river and got down low to the ground to create that near-far effect. Setting the aperture to f/16 for plenty of depth of field and ISO 100, I used a polarizer that helped reduce reflections and the shutter speed to 1/4 of a second, which was enough to get a silky look while retaining some detail in the water.

Photography Tip:
When photographing waterfalls, try varying your shutter speed and see what look you like best. You might like it smoother or with more detail and less of a washed out look.
Want to learn even more from Jennifer online? Check out her Canon Online Learning class, "Great Landscape Photography Made Easy," available for purchase.

Next I zoomed into one area of the waterfall to get just a portion of it for more of an abstract without the foreground or the sky. I used the same settings and polarizer but this time I set the focal length to 55 mm and waded in closer to the scene, getting deeper into the water as well. It was a wonderful trip!

Canon See Impossible - Jennifer Wu - Zoomed-In Waterfalls

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