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Explorer of Light

"Shoot what you love, and show the world this passion. this will help you attract the type of work that you crave to be hired for!"

Explorer of Light

Photography is inextricable from who I am. I am one of those incredibly lucky people who discovered their life’s pursuit at an early age. I found this passion in my pre-teens and by the time I reached high school I had started my own portrait photography business in my small town in upstate NY. I knew almost right away that I wanted to spend my life in pursuit of my love and passion for the art of photography, so I took it seriously as a business from the very beginning.

For years I would take the ‘pilgrimage’ to the Photo Plus Expo in NYC and sit for hours watching the Canon Explorers of Light as they spoke about their craft. I was enthralled and remember thinking “someday, I want to be them!”

While I developed my technique I tried every single type of photography you can imagine; landscape, wildlife, photojournalism, weddings, maternity, families, high school seniors, and more. It wasn’t until I took a class on fashion photography that things started to fall into place. I fell in love with the elegance, story-telling, stunning lighting and emotive imagery of the masters of fashion photography. I remember when I took the first image that was truly ‘me’, showcasing my individual style as a photographer. It was a clean, bold, graphic and colorful image of a model in cyber punk glasses. I started to realize that photography is not necessarily about what is ‘best’ or ‘better’, but what you can do that is uniquely your vision. I’ve been refining and developing that vision ever since.

About this shoot
This fashion shoot took place more than 20 stories in the air on a rooftop in NYC. The idea was to shoot near dusk with the blue of the sky contrasting the rich red of the dress. I would use cool tones in the background against the warmer tones of the light in the foreground.

Just as we began shooting, ominous clouds rolled in with lightning visible in the distance. While we only got a few minutes to shoot (because of the weather), we got the perfect dramatic clouds in the background… I couldn’t have asked for a better sky! Sure, the shoot time was cut short but I didn’t need long because all of the elements came together so beautifully!

Fun Fact:
The lights in this shot are vintage ‘movie lights’, but inside each light is actually a Canon speed light with a warm gel to allow me to control the exposure of these lights in my scene while creating that cinematic effect.

Gear used:

  • Canon EOS R
  • RF 24-105mm F4 L IS USM
  • Canon Speedlite 600EX RT

Photography and Life Tips:

Tip 1: When you first get started be sure to shoot as much as you can, as often as you can, with as much diverse subject matter as you can. People say it takes 10,000 hours to master something. Well, I think it takes 10,000 hours to master each part of photography! 10,000 hours for posing. 10,000 for lights. 10,0000 for post-processing. Get shooting!

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to experiment. When you try something that may ‘fail’ you often open yourself up for discovery. This is when you give yourself the opportunity to deeply learn about technique and your own creative impulses!

Tip 3: Every shoot should be driven by concept. All of your decisions from lighting, to posing, to styling, to post-processing and lens choice should all be based upon the fundamental purpose (concept) of the shoot. Far too often people throw things together randomly and a lot of impact and connection with the viewer is lost because the intent has been forgotten as well.


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Canon Explorers Of Light - Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler discusses her career and passion for photography in our series of videos introducing our Explorers of Light.

For more information on Lindsay, please visit:

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