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Toner Container Recycling (Plastic Toner Containers)

The goal of recycling Toner Containers is to achieve zero landfill waste. Unlike Canon's all-in-one cartridges, toner containers are made mainly of plastic material making them suitable for local recycling and local energy recovery in many areas of the country. When local recycling is utilized, the environmental impact associated with the transportation of containers is reduced.

If local recycling or energy recovery of Canon plastic toner containers is not available in your area, Canon asks that customers ship them to the address below at their expense. Once received by our facility, Canon assumes the responsibility and cost for recycling to keep our toner containers from going into landfills.

Contact your local Authorized Canon Dealer to discuss other recycling options and programs.

  • Canon Toner Recycling Center
  • 5980 Industrial Drive
  • Gloucester, VA 23061

Acceptable Toner Containers For Recycling

C120 Toner C330D Toner CLC 1100 Series Toner CLC 5000/3900 Toner CLC 700/800 Toner
CRG-102 Toner  GP200 Toner GPR-2 Toner  GPR-4 Toner  GPR-5 Toner 
GPR-6 Toner  GPR-8 Toner  GPR-9 Toner  GPR-10 Toner  GPR-11 Toner 
GPR-12 Toner GPR-13 Toner  GPR-15 Toner  GPR-16 Toner  GPR-17 Toner
GPR-18 Toner  GPR-19 Toner  GPR-20 Toner  GPR-21 Toner  GPR-22 Toner 
GPR-23 Toner GPR-24 Toner  GPR-26 Toner GPR-27 Toner  GPR-30 Toner
GPR-31 Toner GPR-32 Toner GPR-33 Toner GPR-34 Toner GPR-35 Toner
GPR-36 Toner GPR-37 Toner GPR-38 Toner GPR-39 Toner GPR-42 Toner
GPR-43 Toner GPR-48 Toner GPR-51 Toner GPR-53 Toner GPR-53L Toner
GPR-54 Toner GPR-55 Toner GPR-55L Toner GPR-56 Toner GPR-57 Toner
IPQ-1 Toner IPQ-2 Toner IPQ-3 Toner IPQ-4 Toner NP1010/1020 Toner
NP6/7/8000 Toner NPG-1 Toner  NPG-7 Toner NPG-10 Toner NPG-11 Toner
NPG-12 Toner NPG-13A Toner NPG-14 Toner T01 Toner T02 Toner
Canon Waste Toner Containers OcĂ© varioPRINT DP Toner Canon varioPRINT DP Toner    

Please visit Canon's Environmental Commitment page for information on Canon's Toner Cartridge Recycling.

Click here for the Canon Consumables Recycling Programs brochure.