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Canon EOS C500

Canon EOS C500

"Rhythm of Life" with the Cinema EOS C500 and Cinema Lenses

By: Canon Editor

April 03, 2013

Using the complete line of Canon's Cinema Zoom, Cinema Compact Zoom and Cinema Prime Lenses, cinematographer Steven Poster ASC, and director Dean Hargrove captured high-energy 4K footage of some of the best tap dancers in the world using the EOS C500. 

Shot in a day and a half at an industrial warehouse space and on the streets of downtown Los Angeles, "Rhythm of Life" showcases the advanced optical performance of Canon's full-frame and Super 35mm cinema lenses in a demanding high-end 4K production. This short film marks the first time that every single Canon Cinema Lens was used in a project together (as of April 2013). 

The filmmakers were tasked with creating shots and shot sequences that would feature the strengths and qualities of each lens, which were delivered with a combination of hand-held Steadicam, crane and dolly shots cut together in a music video format. 

Our in-depth behind the scenes video shows how the camera crew takes advantage of the lenses’ industry standard form factor and operation, incredible focal length range (from 14mm primes to 300mm zooms), optical consistency throughout the line and beautiful bokeh effects from the 11-blade iris. 

"In the early days when you focus, the size of the image would breathe. With these lenses and zooms, I haven't seen any of that," said Poster. "It's very well designed."


Behind the Scenes: "Rhythm of Life"

Go behind the scenes and see how cinematographer Steven Poster ASC and director Dean Hargrove capture the dance moves of some of the best tap dancers in the world.