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Canon XF200 and 205 video cameras

Canon XF200 and 205 video cameras

Canon XF200/205 Camcorder Tutorial Series

By: Jem Schofield

August 14, 2014

Join Jem Schofield as he takes us through the features and benefits of the XF200 and XF205 video cameras. Learn about features they offer, from the functionality of the camera body to tools for creating images.

In this series, he discusses:

  • The cameras' lenses and zoom range
  • How the compact body and external buttons allows users to quickly access features
  • The wireless or wired options to connect the camera to an external device and its accompanying app, browser and accessory GPS unit
  • Differences between both cameras via terminals
  • Wide DR gamma, waveform monitor, dynamic range and other tools that help establish quality imaging