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Canon EOS-1D C camera

Canon EOS-1D C camera

EOS-1D C tutorials with Jem Schofield

By: Jem Schofield

October 21, 2013

Join Jem Schofield and learn how to to optimize the EOS-1D C for 4K shooting and see which settings, format and techniques he uses. This DSLR camera can shoot photos and videos, but sharp photos can be extracted from the 4K video as well without sacrificing quality. This efficiency allows a multitude of possibilities for productions, which are discussed in these tutorial videos.

Topics include:

     -Setting up your EOS-1D C for shooting

     -Benefits of shooting in 4K

     -Exposure settings

     -Canon Log


Click on the links below to download a high-resolution TIFF image of the stills from John Huba's 4K shoot  


Special thanks to the following companies for their support:

      - Abel Cine      - Atomos      - Avenger      - DSC Labs      - Frezzi      - Glidecam      - juicedLink      - Kessler      - Kino Flo      - Kupo      - Manfrotto      - Matthews Studio Equipment      - Perfect Path      - Profoto      - Redrock Micro      - RØDE Microphones      - Sekonic      - Tenba 

Thanks to the following crew and technical consultants for their hard work and contribution:

      - Michael Chan      - John Huba      - Steven Landon-Smith      - Mark Maloof      - Giuseppe Malpasso      - Ron Marrazzo      - Matt Porwoll      - Brent Ramsey      - Erika Silverstein