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RC-V100 Camera Remote Control Unit on set

RC-V100 Camera Remote Control Unit on set

10 Photography Terms Every New Photographer Needs to Know

By: Jem Schofield

August 14, 2014

Discover the features of the RC-V100 Remote Control Unit, a tool that adds tremendous flexibility to shooting situations. In these tutorial videos, you will learn:

  • Which cameras the remote controller is compatible with
  • Connecting the remote controller to the camera and how to customize settings
  • Basic operation, including using ND filters, custom pictures, assignable buttons, ISO/gain and more

In this article, we'll look at some essential photography terms, and give you what you need to know to talk about your passion like a pro. Along the way you’ll see that knowing what the terms mean, and knowing how to work with them, will also make you a better photographer.


RC-V100 Camera Remote Control Unit Walkthrough

Join Jem Schofield as he gives a tour of the RC-V100 Remote controller and shows how to use the various functions of the remote controller. He shows how to control functions such as ND, custom pictures, shutter, iris, ISO/gain, knee, and many more functions.