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Baking and food blogging with the EOS M200 Baking and food blogging with the EOS M200
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Marketing Specialist at Canon U.S.A.

Baking and Blogging with the Canon EOS M200

Marketing Specialist at Canon U.S.A.

January 8, 2020

In my kitchen, it’s important that all of my tools can keep up with my crazy, messy schedule. I have a general rule that I don’t buy anything that serves one, and only one purpose — who’s got room for that kind of thing in their kitchen drawers? When it comes to the camera equipment I use to show off my bakes, I keep the same rule in mind — I’m looking for something that packs a big punch in a small package, and gets the job done without needing a huge bag of add-ons. The Canon EOS M200 camera ticks all the boxes!

When I'm shooting a cake, my "studio" is my dining room — with a long, messy table, a chandelier for overhead lighting, the front window for some cross-lighting , and me climbing on chairs or getting down on all fours to get the right angle. This often happens in the brief window between adding the last sprinkle or flower at 9 am and needing to run out the door to deliver the cake by 11 — so a quick and easy-to-use camera is really a top priority.


The M200’s Creative Filters are a huge help as they let me get a variety of different effects and styles without having to fuss with manual settings. HDR Modes make colorful sprinkles pop and Nighttime Modes counteract the dreary gray coming through my window if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Portrait Mode is great for photographing people and pets, but it’s equally impactful when it comes to food photography. When you realize that the main function is to create a crisp, clean focal point in the foreground with a soft, blurred background behind, the possibilities become endless. This is my go-to setting because it really makes you want to reach in and grab that cupcake, or stick your finger in and just steal a little taste of the icing on that cake. Go ahead, no one’s looking.

One of my favorite features that the M200 has to offer is the flip screen. When you need to go to the extremes to get a top-down angle of a detailed cake, the last thing you want is your head right in the way of your light source casting a shadow across the entire scene. The flip screen allows you to see what the camera sees without having to be directly behind it.

It also comes in handy when you’re filming video — with a simple flip of the screen to selfie-style, everything you’re doing in front of the camera gets fed right back to you, making it easy to see exactly what’s supposed to be in the frame.

The EOS M200 is so simple to use if you’re new to photography, and with the guided menu system, it can help you learn some photo basics to get you off your feet. But even if you’re a step or two above beginner, it is still a great little powerhouse camera. It’s equipped with a 24.1 Megapixel CMOS Sensor that helps you produce stunning high-res images, which really comes in handy when I want to crop in or simply adjust the framing of a photo after I’ve taken it. The large file size lets me do that without compromising on the quality of the image.

If you're used to shooting with one of Canon's larger DSLR cameras, fear not! With a near-seamless transition from some of the Rebel-series models that feature a similar touchscreen interface to Live Mode, you’ll feel right at home. With the help of the optional Mount Adapter EF-EOS M, you can also utilize any of your current EF or EF-S lenses to get a wide variety of shots.

So you’re on board with the M200’s processing power, you love the Creative Assist filters, and you’ve found the perfect settings to capture the scene. Now what? It’s time to share those perfect photos with the world! With a few simple steps, you can connect the EOS M200 to the Canon Camera Connect App and seamlessly transfer all of your photos and videos onto your compatible smartphone. For me, this is an absolute must-have — I can upload my images to my cloud drive and share a collection with friends, or post directly to Instagram to keep my followers up to speed. It’s so quick and easy!

With all of the crazy goings-on around me, I absolutely love how simple it is to use this camera. Not only is it powerful and versatile, it’s so small that I don’t really have an excuse not to take it everywhere I go. One of my favorite things about baking is getting to see how my cakes and goodies get displayed, and witnessing how happy people are when they see everything come together. With the EOS M200, I always have room to toss it in my purse to get some snapshots of those magic moments. It’s so rewarding to be able to capture my entire process — from mixing to decorating to delivery to sharing on social media — and this camera makes that so easy .