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X-ray Source G-311 D Series

X-ray Source

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1. Diamond Window

2. 0.29 mm X-ray Target Window Thickness

  • Capable of high geometrical magnification*

3. High Resolution and High Power Simultaneously

  • 4 μm L/S resolution at 10 W

4. Wide X-ray Cone Angle

  • 168° X-ray cone angle

5. Quick Warm-up

  • Operational within 3 min of power up

  • Quick image acquisition after facility maintenance

6. Fast Image Capture

  • 0 kV to 110 kV within 1 sec

7. Embedded Pulse X-ray Irradiation Mode

  • Allows for on/off X-ray irradiation at pulse setting

  • Lower X-ray dose than continuous exposure

  • Contributes to longer life of X-ray tube and X-ray detector

* Dependent on size of sample






G-311 D X-ray Source series are applicable for in-line and off-line non-destructive X-ray inspections, such as:

  • X-ray radioscopy
  • X-ray CT

† Please note that our X-ray Sources were developed specifically for industrial use and cannot be used in food, beverage or medical imaging for human body.

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X-ray Tube Type Sealed Transmissive Type
X-ray Irradiation Mode Continuous or Pulse
X-ray Pulse Width 1 sec 50 msec 1 sec 1 sec
X-ray Pulse Duty Ratio 50 %
Tube Voltage Operational Range 60 - 110 kV 40 - 110 kV 60 - 110 kV
Min. Resolution by JIMA RT RC-02B 4 μm 4 - 5 μm 4 - 8 μm
Max. Target Output Power 10 W 30 W
Tube Current Operational Range 10 - 100 μA 10 - 300 μA
Max. Power Consumption 40 W 65 W
X-ray Cone Angle 168 °
X-ray Window Material / Thickness Diamond / 0.29 mm
Target Material Tungsten
Weight Including High Voltage Power Supply 21 kg
Method of Cooling Convection Cooling
Input DC Voltage 24 V
High Voltage Power Supply Built-in
Operating Ambient Temperature 10 - 40 °C
Storage Temperature 0 - 50 °C
Operating and Storage Humidity 85 % (No Condensation)
External Control RS-232C

G-311MH Dimensions Chart - Top, Side, Bottom views

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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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