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Elura 80

Support DVD Camcorders


Image Sensor

1/4.5-inch CCD, approx. 1,330,000 pixels
Effective pixels: tape: approx. 690,000 pixels (4:3)
approx. 920,000 pixels
16:9/Image Stabilizer Off)
card: approx. 1,230,000 pixels

Tape Format

Video cassettes bearing the DV mark

Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)

SP: 80 min., LP: 120 min.


f=3.5-63mm, f/1.8-3.4, 18x power zoom

Minimum Illumination

1.8 lx (using the Night Mode)

Recommended Illumination

More than 100 lx

Filter Diameter



0.33-inch. TFT color, approx. 113,000 pixels

LCD Screen

2.5-inch. TFT color, approx. 123,000 pixels


2.8 x 3.1 x 5.2 in. (72 x 78 x 131mm) excluding protrusions

Weight (not including lens and battery pack)

1.1 lbs. (500g)




You want your memories to last forever- that's why you've taken the time to shoot them. And you want to shoot in widescreen format to get everything you can out of your new widescreen TV or home theater system.

So why is the way you record widescreen images so important? Because you want an image made for widescreen, not adapted for widescreen. Widescreen is the future- every HD television is widescreen.

The story of how we do it may be a bit technical, but the result is clear to see. Canon camcorders use the entire width of its image sensor to capture your precious video in true 16:9 format. What difference does that make? It's simple. With more pixels captured, you get better image quality. Other camcorders force the wider picture into a smaller space on the sensor- giving you a less true image, with fewer pixels and lower quality. On a Canon camcorder, the canals of Venice will be as grand as you remembered seeing them.

In addition, the viewfinder on your Elura will display the image in a "letterbox" view- from side to side and top to bottom, what you see will be what you get. No guessing and extra work, looking at an image that's distorted like a fun house mirror.

To make it even easier, a Widescreen Button lets you switch from standard 4:3 to 16:9 Widescreen Mode at the touch of your finger. You can also use the widescreen feature in both Program Mode and Easy Recording Mode and can be used along with the camcorder's advanced image stabilization.

All of the Eluras give you the opportunity to own a camcorder that shoots as wide as your widescreen TV. Why shouldn't your camcorder shoot as wide as your widescreen TV? It should- and our competitors can't match the widescreen video you'll get from your Canon Elura.

Remember- widescreen is the future- be sure you invest in that future with a Canon camcorder.
Click here for DV Photo Plus details.

Shoot with confidence knowing that every hue of what you see will be captured with extraordinary clarity and detail by the Elura 80's 1.33 Megapixel Image Sensor. The product of Canon ingenuity and technological expertise, the image sensor achieves high-resolution results whether recording video to DV tape or still images onto a memory card. Photos can be captured at a variety of different image qualities and compression sizes (Superfine/ Fine/Normal) giving you the ability to balance quantity with quality.

No need to juggle two different digital imaging devices. That's because the Elura 80 is able to take digital still images while you continue to shoot a video. You won't miss a moment as you capture e-mail ready (640 x 480) photos to the memory card at the press of a button, while recording high-quality video to the tape.

The secret behind Canon's renowned video and photo image quality is the DIGIC DV system. DIGIC DV utilizes two different color techniques to maximize video quality for viewing on TVs and still image quality for print or computer display.

Digital PCM Audio (16-bit/12-bit)

Your videos won't just look great, they'll sound great too. The Elura-series digital camcorders offer a high-quality 16-bit (48 kHz, 2 channels) audio recording mode for sound that is better than CD quality and equivalent to DAT tape. You can also capture audio with the 12-bit (32 kHz, 2 from 4 channels) audio mode for recording on two channels (stereo 1), leaving the remaining two channels (stereo 2) free for post-production audio recording, such as narration and music.

Perfect for capturing the action of your first-born's soccer game or a majestic vista during your dream retirement vacation, the Elura 80 features an 18x Optical Zoom/360x Digital Zoom lens. Witness first-hand the outstanding imagery, vibrant color and superior clarity that could only come from Canon's vast expertise in designing and crafting precision lenses for 35mm and broadcast TV cameras. Snap on the optional WA-34 Wide Attachment (0.7x), and you'll be able to capture a wider perspective for indoor shots or panoramic views.
It's natural to forget about the technological image-making power inside the Elura 80 when gazing at its shiny blue-metallic exterior. The streamlined design, however, offers up more than just an eye-catching silhouette. As with the entire Elura-series, the lens diameter has been reduced along with its overall weight, and a number of controls redesigned for maximum comfort and usability.

New design features include:

New Program Selector -- Located beside the LCD display, the Program Selector makes it easy to quickly switch modes.
Tape/Card Selector -- For effortless one-handed operation, the Tape/Card Selector button is now located in the same area as the photo button.
Slim Operation Switch -- For increased miniaturization, the Elura 80 features an innovative Slim Operation Switch.

Children, friends, pets, and yes, even Mother Nature can hard to pin down at the best of times. That's no problem, however, for the Elura 80 thanks to Canon's high quality Image Stabilization system. Even when shooting hand-held at full telephoto, the Image Stabilization system is working behind the scenes to instantly correct camcorder shake, resulting in videos that are smooth, steady and natural.

LCD Backlight

Now it's easier than ever to compose sensational shots without having to squint into the viewfinder. When shooting outdoors, the Elura 80's bright 2.5" LCD view screen features an LCD Backlight button that boosts the displays brightness by 250%. You can also rotate the screen for high-or low-angle shots, or turn it around 180 to record yourself. When you're done shooting, the screen is perfect for reviewing your scenes.

Printing and downloading images to a computer is a quick, easy and enjoyable task with the Elura 80. Once connected to a printer, the Elura 80's Print/Share button lights up blue, letting you know that you can begin printing simply by pressing it once. You can also transfer a photo directly to your computer, with just a single press of the button.

 PictBridge Compatibility

 Exif Print 2.2

 Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)

PictBridge Compatibility

If you have a PictBridge compatible printer, such as a CP-200 or CP-300 Card Photo Printer, a Canon Photo Direct Bubble Jet Printer or another manufacturer's printer that supports PictBridge, you can effortlessly connect your Elura camcorder directly to the printer. No need to transfer your images to a computer first.

Exif Print 2.2

The Elura camcorders support Exif Print (2.2), a worldwide standard that enhances communication between digital cameras and printers. At the time of shooting, important camcorder settings and scene data are recorded with the image. This information aids the computer and printer in producing realistic and reliable color reproduction. Not happy with your shot? The information can also be used to easily correct poor lighting or mistakes, resulting in photos that are even better than the originals.

Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)

No more frustration with hard-to-understand Support CDs or at not being able to download missing drivers. The entire line of Elura digital camcorders supports Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP), enabling data communication with a computer without having to install dedicated driver software. Your computer simply accesses the camcorder as if it were an external card reader (available only with computers running Windows XP or Mac OS X version 10.1 or later).

As with the entire Elura-series camcorders, the Elura 80 takes advantage of the MiniDV format (a worldwide industry standard) for effortless transfer, edit and sharing of your memories... without any loss in quality.

 DV Terminal (IEEE 1394)

 USB Terminal

 SD Memory Card/MultiMediaCard Slots

DV Terminal (IEEE 1394)

The IEEE1394-compliant DV terminal lets you connect the camcorder to a DV-compatible computer or another Canon DV camcorder, making it easy to transfer your digital movies to your computer's hard disk, edit your scenes, and then use them to create high-impact Web sites, video e-mail, interactive CDs and DVDs, or a personal video album.

USB Terminal

The USB Terminal makes for high-speed transfer of images from your SD Memory Card or MultiMediaCard to your computer. By using the USB cable and software provided, you can process and organize your images on your PC.

SD Memory Card/MultiMediaCard Slots

For convenient storage and portability of your still images, the Elura 80 features a built-in slot for SD (Secure Digital) Memory Cards and MultiMediaCards. You can also store Motion JPEG mini-movies directly on the removable card for later attaching to e-mails or posting on the Web. Shoot in two different resolutions, 320x240 or 160x120, for the full duration of the SD Memory Card.

As all professional photographers know, even the best of environments can sometime need an added boost of light. With the Elura 80, you can get that increased exposure by simply pressing the Night Mode button. Once pressed, the Night Mode feature automatically selects a slow shutter speed and increases the sensitivity of the CCD to brighten up your subject, while still preserving color.

Make a smooth, easy transition into the world of digital image making with the Elura 80. Featuring an Analog/Digital Converter, the Elura 80 can translate an analog signal into a digital signal for direct transfer to digital video devices or computers equipped with an IEEE1394 terminal*. Your Elura camcorder can also act as a translator between your analog device and another digital device. In simple terms, that means you can easily and effortlessly update your older analog VHS memories directly to digital.

It's all thanks to Canon's connection circuit called VIC. VIC is a virtual powerhouse. Traditionally, multiple chips were needed to perform the camcorder's input and output functions. However VIC manages it all with one single chip. The result is seamless connectivity whether you are connecting to a computer, TV, or VCR.

* The Analog/Digital Converter may not function depending on the software used.

The Elura 80 offers the digital photo enthusiast a selection of impressive features similar to those found on professional quality cameras.

 Continuous Shooting Mode

 Auto-Exposure Bracketing

 Selectable Focusing Points

Continuous Shooting Mode

Take advantage of the Elura's Continuous Shooting Mode to capture a rapid succession of digital photos to the memory card. The Continuous Shooting Mode enables you to shoot 3 /CUSA/assets/app/images/camcorder/second at 1280x360 resolution, and an incredible 5 /CUSA/assets/app/images/camcorder/second at 640x480 resolution.

Auto-Exposure Bracketing

Cover your bases by taking three photos at different exposure settings with a single press of the PHOTO button. The Auto-Exposure Bracketing feature records three photos (normal, underexposed and overexposed), letting you choose later which photo is best for printing or storing.

Selectable Focusing Points

For those moments when your subject is not in the center of the frame, the Elura camcorders offer three focusing points that will automatically put your desired subject into sharp focus.

For added visual appeal in your movies and photos, get creative with the Elura 80's easy-to-use faders and special effects. Choose from Fade Trigger, Wipe, Corner, Jump, Flip, Puzzle, Zigzag, Beam and Tide.

For a more creative look, you can switch on the following digital effects during recording or playback*: Art, Black & White, Sepia, Mosaic, Ball, Cube, Wave, Color Mask or Mirror.

* In Card mode: Only black and white is available.

 Multi-Image Screen

 StitchAssist Mode

Multi-Image Screen

Create a unique visual collage by dividing your screen into four, nine or sixteen pictures with the Image Capture function. Images can be captured at four different speeds: Manual, Slow, Moderate or Fast.

StitchAssist Mode

It's a breeze creating stunning panoramas with your Elura camcorder. Simply take multiple shots of your landscape, transfer them to your computer, and then select and arrange your images in the correct order. The supplied PhotoStitch software does the rest: aligning, overlapping and cropping the separate images to form one magnificent, ultra-wide panoramic still image.
You'll have friends and family lining up once they see the results of a close-up using the Elura 80. Another Canon innovation, the Elura-series camcorders utilize a Skin Detail Function that automatically softens details. The result is a more complimentary appearance. Go ahead, zoom in. They'll thank you for it.
Your Elura 80 Kit comes complete with bonus software for image management and editing: ZoomBrowser EX (Windows) and ImageBrowser (Macintosh). Download, browse, archive and retouch your photos, or have your images automatically resized for e-mail. The software also assists with arranging images for printing and even adding text.

DV Messenger2 Software

Now you can turn your Elura camcorder into a high-quality webcam for Internet Video Chat with Microsoft Windows Messenger through IEEE1394. Available as a free download for Elura owners, the DV Messenger2 software allows you to control the zoom and focus of your camcorder or even the camera of the person you are chatting with. You can also preview thumbnails, transfer photos, and watch and control the video playback of either camcorder right from your computer desktop.

As with the entire line of Elura camcorders, the Elura 80's My Camera function allows you to personalize your camcorder with a custom start-up image from the included software CD or to use your own digital recordings. In addition, the camcorder offers a multi-language display of information in the LCD or Viewfinder, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

Elura 80 Kit Contents

Elura 80 Kit Contents Elura 80 Camcorder NB-2LH Battery Pack CA-570 Compact Power Adapter STV-250N Stereo Video Cable WL-D85 Wireless Controller MultiMediaCard MMC-16M IFC-300PCU USB Cable SS-900 Shoulder Strap DIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK for Windows DIGITAL VIDEO SOLUTION DISK for Macintosh

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you Elura 80 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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