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Elura 2

Support miniDV Camcorders


Computers are becoming home theaters. Home moviemaking doesn't depend on those big, clunky machines that used to sit in the closet or the trunk of the car&#8212;Canon has put its high technology in your purse, or pocket, so you can take it and use it anywhere without a second thought.<br/> <br/> Canon DV isn't just about small size, or quickly sending your movies to your TV, VCR, Computer, or the Internet, it's about higher-quality, greater ease-of-use, ruggedness and a wider range of features than you've experienced before.<br/> <br/> Get on board, with the most advanced pocket DV you'll find&#8212;Canon DV. >IEEE 1394 DV Terminal<br/> <br/> The Elura2 MC and Elura2 are equipped with a lightning-fast DV In/Out terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 (commonly known as Firewire&#8482;). It takes just a single digital cable to transfer or copy your videos in pure digital form into a DV Compatible computer. You can easily print images or add them as videos and photos to email. Record still images onto a floppy disk using the optional FR-100 Floppy Disk Still Image Recorder.
It's a new kind of image sensor, the Progressive Scan CCD, that makes Elura2 MC and Elura2 able to bring such clarity to fast moving subjects. The soccer game, the child on a swing, the panning shots across a landscape&mdash;these and more come out smooth and clear (like you saw them).<br/> <br/> The same feature makes it possible to snatch crisp stills at 30 shots per second using Elura2 MC or Elura2's Digital Motor Drive. And, Progressive Scan CCD provides the versatility to create print-from-video with digital photo resolution.<br/> <br/> Compare it to Interlace methods, which shoot half an image at a time and combine the two to produce a single frame. The lapse of time between the halves blurs motion, and produces a disturbing image flicker when paused. Progressive Scan CCD doesn't-it is the superior, next-generation technology.
Accurate color for skin tones--what could be more important? Elura2 MC and Elura2's RGB Color Filter system preserves the natural color of faces, sunsets, snow scenes and other shots where one color dominates. These are the kind of scenes where complementary color filter systems just don't hold a candle to Canon technology. RGB Color Filter separates light passing through the lens into its red, green and blue color components, similar to professional camcorders. You'll see the great accuracy and the fine gradations of color the Elura2 MC and Elura2 produce in everything you shoot.
The advanced Noise Reduction System of the Elura2 MC/Elura2 incorporates newly developed noise reduction circuitry to deliver clean and superior image quality. By increasing the signal-to-noise ratio, Canon has eliminated video noise, which can occur during signal processing. Your videos will be cleaner overall, free from annoying color noise or graininess when shooting under low light levels.
You're all opening Christmas presents in the living room. You've got the camcorder, but the couch you're sitting on is bouncing because of the squirming children next to you. No matter-- Canon's image stabilization system corrects camera shake as it happens. The movies you make come out clear. Professionals and business users appreciate the ease of shooting long telephoto views without a tripod. Everyone appreciates that the minor bumps and wiggles because of car vibrations-or having one cup of coffee too many-won't become part of your treasured memories!
She's in the back of the orchestra, wrapped in that Sousaphone... But you'll get the shot of her taking that big (well, medium-big) solo. You're shooting with the Elura2 MC or the Elura2, and its 10x Optical/40x Digital Zoom. Incredibly high definition, outstanding contrast--a pure reflection of the high-resolution capability of DV.<br/> <br/> This zoom technology is the same as Canon uses in their Broadcast TV lenses--the lenses that have come to be used on 60% of the broadcast cameras in the world. When you experience the Elura2 MC or Elura2's zoom technology, you'll see why.
<br/> <br/> <br/> With a crisp, 2.5" color LCD viewfinder, it's easy to tell if what you're shooting is coming out the way you want it to-and it's easy to view and share with others. Twist & flip the viewfinder however you want, so you can shoot from any angle.
The ELURA2 MC and ELURA2 offer two digital audio modes. The 16 bit mode produces the higher (better than CD quality) two-channel sound quality while the 12 bit mode records on two of four channels -leaving two other channels free to dub extra sound at a later date.<br/>
The Elura 2 and Elura 2MC offer you three shooting modes to satisfy all your picture-taking needs. There's the Normal Movie Mode for the majority of your shooting; Digital Motor Drive for high resolution and blur-free pictures; and Digital Photo Mode for single pictures -- that's right, you don't need to carry a photo camera, too. &#160; Normal Movie Mode<br/> <br/> So you want to be a filmmaker? Normal Movie Mode is how! You shoot smooth, full-motion video, then play it back on your TV, or put the movies onto the hard drive of your computer to view, edit, post on the Internet, or send to friends.<br/> <br/> You'll be making high-quality movies, with a distinctive filmic quality different from other video you've seen. The Progressive Scan CCD and RGB Primary Color Filter act at the video capture point to make sure that the color, light, and motion of the scene in front of you are recorded with extraordinary color rendition and true-to-life color.<br/> <br/> This gives you the control and power you need to make movies at home or at work that look like they were shot by a pro.<br/> Digital Photo Mode<br/> <br/> You don't want to carry a video camera and a still camera on an outing. Or, maybe you just like the idea of taking 700 pictures without having to change film or memory card. The ELURA2 MC and ELURA2 shoot digital still photos in the camera mode; so they're two cameras in one.<br/> <br/> Just press the photo button to capture more than 700 stunning still pictures on a single videocassette (in SP mode). The ELURA2 MC/ELURA2 can also capture approximately 60 fine resolution still pictures onto an 8MB MultiMediaCard.<br/> <br/> Also, you can combine video and still pictures together with the added benefit of audio tracks, even in stereo! &#160; Digital Motor Drive&#8482;<br/> <br/> The ELURA2 MC and ELURA2 Digital Motor Drive, made possible only through the use of a Progressive Scan CCD, captures high resolution pictures packed with excitement. Faster than the high speed motor drive of a 35mm camera, the ELURA2 MC and ELURA2 's Digital Motor Drive amazes photo hobbyists and professional photographers by recording an incredible 30 full frame images per second, continuously. Select this mode when you plan to transfer superior quality photos from your MiniDV videocassette or onto the MultiMediaCard (ELURA2 MC only), viewing on TV, printing or downloading to a DV compatible computer. The Digital Motor Drive, a Canon first, expands the ELURA2 MC and ELURA2's versatility and the variety of your images. (Use Normal Movie Mode for standard video recording.)
The best video looks even better with a few professional touches added to it. The Elura2 MC and Elura2 gives you the opportunity to play with what you've made, and to create movies that really say something about you and (by the way), it's very easy. Digital Effects Go beyond what's real, and into your imagination and emotions, with a variety of effects you can add during recording. Choose Art, Classic Black and White, Antique Sepia, or spectacular Mosaic effects. Digital Faders Fade to Black. In the language of film, this is the punctuation. Use to start or end scenes, with a choice of Fade Trigger, Wipe, Scroll or Mosaic fades. Fades can also be applied during dubbing.   Multi-Image Screen Divides your display screen into four, nine, or sixteen pictures with the Digital Photo Mode. You can choose the speed at which the images are captured: Manual, Slow, Moderate and Fast.  
Easily turn analog recordings, like VHS, into digital. With a quick connection, Elura2 MC and Elura2 can receive video signals from a TV or VCR and record them in DV format. It's great for making copies or saving precious originals.
Mix your movies! The Elura2 MC and Elura2 works like an editor to insert new scenes of video from your VCR or other camcorder to a tape recorded in SP mode. Using a recording mode in 12-bit audio mode you can also add stereo sound from another audio source or an external microphone.<br/>
- Microphone Terminal<br/> - Built-in Speaker<br/> - Audio Dubbing<br/> - Photo Search/Date Search<br/> - Time Code/Date Code<br/> - LP Mode<br/> - Superb Playback<br/> - Composite S-Video Input/Output<br/> - Self-Timer<br/> - Confirming/Warning Beeps<br/> - Zero Set Memory<br/> - World Clock<br/> - 16:9 Wide Screen TV Effect<br/> - Remote Control<br/> - Record Search & Retrieval<br/> - LANC Terminal

The Canon Elura 2 / Elura 2MC Kit

The Canon Elura 2 / Elura 2MC Kit Elura 2 / Elura 2MC BP-406 Battery Pack CA-400 Compact Power Adapter DC-400 DC Coupler DU-300 Docking Unit Wireless Controller S-150 S-video Cable STV-250N Stereo Video Cable MMC-8M MultiMediaCard (ELURA2 MC only)


Power Supply (rated)

7.4 V DC

Power Consumption

4.4 W ( using viewfinder), 5.4 W (using LCD screen)

Television System

EIA standard ( 525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal

Video Recording system

2 rotary heads, helical scanning system DV system (consumer digital VCR SD system); Digital component recording

Audio Recording system

PCM digital sound, 16 bit (48 kHz/2 ch, 12bit(32 kHz/4 ch)

Image Sensor

1/4 Progressive Scan CCD (charge coupled device) 680,000 pixels (360,00 effective pixels)

Tape Format

Videocassettes bearing the MiniDV mark

Tape Speed

SP: 3/4 ips (18.81 mm/sec.); LP 1/2 ips (12.56 mm/sec)

Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)

SP: 80 min ; LP: 120 min

Fast Forward/Rewind Time

2 min 20 sec (with a 60 min cassette)


f1.6-2.5, 10x power zoom, 3.5-35.0mm

Focusing System

TTL autofocus, manual focusing possible

Focusing System

3ft 3/68 om (1m); 3/8 in. (1cm) on maximum wide angle

Minimum Illumination

7.5 lux using the Low-Light program

Recommended Illumination

More than 100 lux

Filter Diameter

27 mm


0.44 in. color LCD; (approx. 113,000 pixels)

LCD Screen

2.5 in measured diagonally (approx. 200,000 pixels)


Stereo electret condenser microphone

DV Terminal

Special 4-pin connector (based on IEEE 1394)

Video Terminal

1 Vp-p/75 ohm unbalanced

Output Levels

Video terminal: 1 vp-p/75 ohms unbalanced

S-video Terminal

1 Vp-p (Y signal) 0.286 Vp-p (C signal)

Microphone Terminal

3.5 mm stereo minijack, -57 dBV (with 600 kohm mic) at least 5 kohms

Operating Temperature range

32-104° F ( 0° - 40° C)


1 7/8 x 4 1/8 x 3 3/8 in. (48 x 106 x 86mm)


13 3/4 oz. (390g )

Memory Card

Recording Media

MultiMedia Card

Image Format

Design rule for Camera File system (DCF); Digital Print Order Format (DPOF)

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

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