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World's first on a camcorder!<br/> The Optura is the world's first camcorder to incorporate a progressive scan CCD image sensor that delivers a significant improvement in performance and image quality. Each and every light gathering pixel on the CCD is used to reproduce a full frame video image 60 times per second. In contrast, the conventional interlace-type CCD reproduces only half a full frame, known as a field, in the same amount of time. During playback, the interlace method used on other camcorders combines two field images together, but a time lapse between the fields can cause a disturbing image flicker on the television screen when playback is paused. The Optura's progressive scan CCD eliminates the time lapse between fields by recording a full frame image, making it possible to output, display or even print the most exciting frame of a moving image without any loss in resolution.
In addition to achieving higher resolution, the Optura's progressive scan CCD integrates an RGB Primary Color Filter that separates the light passing through the lens into individual red, green and blue components similar to professional gear. The Optura achieves life-like color reproduction and a high color signal-to-noise ratio, similar to a professional camcorder, but smaller and more compact.<br/>
The Digital Integrated Circuit performs ultra high speed signal processing for the CCD. The greatest benefit is in its ability to process 60 high resolution video frames per second. What's more, the same IC controls important camera functions including autofocus, auto exposure, and white balance, contributing to a smaller circuit board for a more compact camcorder and a reduction in power consumption for a longer continuous recording time.<br/>
The Optura is equipped with a DV terminal that conforms to IEEE 1394 for digital transfer of video and sound in addition to regular video and audio outputs. It takes just a single digital cable to edit, copy and record your video virtually free from generation loss in image and sound quality.
1) Normal Movie Mode<br/> This is the standard video recording mode. The Optura captures full frame images and uses an RGB primary Color Filter System. The resolution and color rendition of the video image is extremely high compared to other camcorders.<br/> <br/> 2) Digital Photo Mode<br/> Take more than 500 brilliantly clear still pictures on a single tape (in SP mode) Using a Progressive Scan CCD with Canon's new Digital IC, the photo mode further distinguishes Optura by capturing the highest resolution still images in its class. The camera records the still pictures for approximately 6 seconds, as well as recording the sound for your verbal notes or narration.<br/> <br/> 3) Digital Motor Drive<br/> (Progressive Scan Mode)<br/> This Canon exclusive feature captures exciting, high resolution pictures by using a Progressive Scan CCD. Faster than the high speed motor drive of a 35mm SLR camera, Canon's Digital Motor DriveTM mode records incredible 30 full frame still images, a second. Because you are shooting continuously, you need never worry about missing any single moment. Other camcorders use an interlacing system recording only half of the image. The Canon Digital Motor DriveTM mode eliminates motion flicker by capturing a full image with every scan. The resulting still images are in high resolution and packed with excitement that only action shots can provide. (Use Normal Movie mode for standard video shooting.)
The Canon optical zoom lens can transform distant scenes into dramatic close-ups with absolutely no loss in image quality. The high quality digital zoom doubles this to 35x revealing details too distant to be seen by the naked eye. The scope from wide panorama to super telephoto is outstanding.
Canon utilizes the finest method of image stabilization available: optical. While other manufacturers use an electronic or digital image stabilization system, Canon's lens design includes a dedicated optical element that preserves image quality so your videos always look smooth, steady and natural... whether shooting hand-held at full telephoto or even from a moving vehicle. The optical method is also the perfect complement to the outstanding image quality of DV and offers superior shake reduction when light levels are low and while zooming.<br/> <br/> <br/>
Because your subjects will often be off-center and you will encounter less-than-ideal shooting conditions, Canon has exclusively developed FlexiZone AF. Simply use the FlexiZone controller to align the "FlexiZone" in the viewfinder with your subject. The Optura automatically adjusts the focus to suit the area inside the frame. FlexiZone technology provides split-second response to keep your subject in perfect focus and optimally exposed throughout recording.
Canon puts advanced recording techniques at your fingertips to ensure great results in various shooting conditions. There are seven programs in all, giving you the balanced control that you have come to expect from Canon.
The new Tv and Av modes permit easy operation while retaining the creative image controls commonly found on Canon's 35mm SLR cameras. In Tv mode, you select the shutter speed from 1/8th to 1/2000th for a second and the Optura will automatically set a matching aperture. In Av mode, you select the aperture from f/18 to f/32 and the Optura automatically sets a matching shutter speed.
Attach a Canon Speedlite Flash (220EX or 380EX) to the camera's Accessory Shoe and you can use OPTURA for flash photography just like you would with an SLR camera. The camera sets the flash duration, sending out a pre-exposure flash to ensure correct exposure before the main flash is sent out.<br/> <br/> <br/> Without Speedlite Flash<br/> <br/> With Speedlite Flash<br/>
Search through your still images, quickly and easily wherever they are on a tape.
In addition to fully automatic operation, the Optura offers a complete range of manual controls, ideal for challenging situations and more creative recordings. Focus, exposure and white balance can all be set manually. The exposure can also be locked at any time.
A neatly fitted view screen makes it easy for you to capture colorful, well composed video. Angle the screen up to 100&deg; to get a perfect line of sight for high and low-angle shots. Switch to the viewfinder in bright conditions, or when you want to adopt the most stable shooting position.<br/>
You can use Canon's optional Film Adapter (FP-100) and accessories to transfer images from 35mm film, slides and Advanced Photo System* film to the Optura. Then, display them conveniently on TV, record them on tape or input them to an AV compatible PC. You can even record the negatives as standard positive images by using the camcorder's Negative-Positive Conversion program.<br/>
Optura offers two digital audio modes to enhance the playback experience. The 16 bit mode produces the higher, CD equivalent, two-channel sound quality, while the 12 bit mode records on two of four channels leaving two other channels free to dub extra sound effects at a later date.
Easy to use, professional quality fades and wipes can be added while recording, at the touch of a button. Choose between vertical and "window" wipes, "fade trigger" and mosaic fades.
The Optura can record and play back tapes in long play mode (LP). LP extends tape usage by 1.5 times giving you up to 90 minutes from a single 60 minute MiniDV cassette.
The Optura has a mini plug that provides composite video and stereo audio outputs for easy connection to your television. For higher quality video output, the Optura also comes with an S-Video output terminal.
This precisely identifies each recording down to the individual frame, showing the hour, minute, second and frame in the display. Optura uses a "drop-frame" system that is close in accuracy to the time code used on professional equipment. Data Code Data code recorded separately from the video signal allows you to display or hide the date and time as required. In addition, you can choose to display other data - shutter speed and exposure settings - alongside.
Lithium ion battery packs can be recharged any time, so they will always be prepared for peak shooting performance, and never caught without power unexpectedly.
Lets you jump right into the scene. Just set Optura's self-timer mode and join the action.
Review the last few seconds of a scene in the display, or search for a recorded scene via the display while the camera is set to record pause.<br/>

The Canon Optura Kit

The Canon Optura Kit Optura BP-914 Battery Pack CA-900 Compact Power Adapter DC-900 DC Coupler SS-200 Shoulder Strap WL-66 Wireless Controller S-150 S-video cable STV-250 Stereo Video Cable DVM-E30 DV Cassette


Power Supply (rated)

7.2 V DC

Power Consumption

7.1 W (While recording, with AF turned on)

Television System

EIA standard (525 lines, 60 fields) NTSC color signal

Video Recording system

2 rotary heads, helical scanning system, DV system (consumer digital VCR SD system), Digital component recording

Audio Recording system

16-bit (48 KHz /2 ch.); 12-bit (32 KHz/4 ch.)

Image Sensor

1/3 Progressive Scan CCD (charge coupled device) 380,000 pixels (360,000 effective pixels)

Tape Format

Videocassettes bearing the MiniDV Mark

Tape Speed

SP: 60 min (with a 60 min cassette); LP 90 min (with a 60 min cassette)

Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)

SP: 3/4 ips (18.81mm/sec.); LP: 1/2 ips (12.56mm/sec.)

Fast Forward/Rewind Time

2 min 50 sec ( with a 60 min cassette)


f 1.8 -3.2, 14x power zoom, 5.2 -72.8 mm

Focusing System

TTL autofocus, manual focusing possible

Focusing System

3/8 in (1cm), on maximum wide angle

Minimum Illumination

2.5 lux using slow shutter 1/8th sec.

Recommended Illumination

More than 100 lux

Filter Diameter

49 mm


0.55 in., color LCD (approx. 113,000 pixels)

LCD Screen

2 in. measured diagonally (5.1 cm); ( approx. 113,000 pixels)


Stereo electret condenser microphone

DV Terminal

Special 4-pin connector (based on IEEE 1394)

S-video Terminal

1 Vp-p (Y signal), 0.286 Vp-p (C signal)

Audio Terminal

-10 dBV, less than 3 Kohms, unbalanced

Operating Temperature range

32-104° F (0-40° C)


5 7/16 x 4 3/16 x 5 1/4 in. (138 x 106 x 133mm)


2 lbs. (930g)

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you Optura that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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