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Support miniDV Camcorders


The XH G1 captures true 1080 High Definition resolution video at 60i, 30F or 24F frame rates (or, 50i/60i with optional upgrade). It captures a true 16:9 widescreen HD image that's made for your broadcast and theatrical projects.<br/> <br/>
<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> The XH G1 comes with a Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens that shows why the name Canon is synonymous with optical excellence.<br/> <br/> Canon reserves the L-Series designation for its highest quality photographic lenses. The Professional L Series Fluorite lens of the XH G1 ensures outstanding resolution, contrast and color reproduction, and delivers clarity and image quality you won't see with conventional optical glass lenses. And, because it's an ultra-low dispersion (UD) lens, chromatic aberration is reduced for brilliant results.<br/> <br/> The XH G1's design gives you equally impressive operational performance. The design lets you operate the zoom using the lens barrel ring, the control on the camera's grip, or the control on the camera's handle. When using the zoom ring on the lens, you can control the speed of your zoom by varying the angle of the ring, or by varying the speed at which you rotate the ring. When using the grip control, you can zoom at 16 different speeds; or you can use the control to operate at a single zoom speed which you preset. When using the handle zoom control, you can operate the zoom at a single speed which you preset. You can also select high-speed zoom to increase the zoom speed when using either the grip or handle control. And, because the lens is designed with a zoom ring, you can operate zoom, focus and aperture using a single hand.<br/> <br/> This f1.6 - 3.5, 4.5 - 90mm lens gives you a wide view that -- at its widest -- is equivalent to a 32.5mm focal length lens on a 35mm camera. It also comes with 2 built-in ND filters, and can be enhanced with Canon's optional WD-72 wide converter (.75x) to meet all your needs.<br/>
&#160; <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> The XH G1 is equipped with three 1/3" Native 16:9 CCDs (1440 x 1080 each) -- the same image sensor that is at the heart of Canon's exceptional XL H1. They deliver outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction, and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise.<br/> <br/> CCD Overview<br/> Moving images<br/> SD (4:3) when selected<br/> Approximate pixels 1,170,000 (1080 x 1080)<br/> Moving images<br/> SD (16:9) when selected<br/> Approximate pixels 1,560,000 (1440 x 1080)<br/> Moving images<br/> HD when selected<br/> Approximate pixels 1,560,000 (1440 x 1080)<br/> Still images<br/> SD (4:3) when selected<br/> Approximate pixels 1,170,000 (1080 x 1080)<br/> Still images<br/> SD (16:9) when selected<br/> Approximate pixels 1,560,000 (1440 x 1080)<br/>
<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> The XH G1 also comes with Canon's innovative Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS), which combines gyro- and image-sensors to give image stabilization through a wider range of camera motions. Some image stabilization systems correct one type of camera motion or vibration better than another. But Canon's Super-Range OIS corrects for a wide range of camcorder motion: the fast vibration you'd experience while recording from a moving car; the medium-speed motion of hand-held recording; and the slower motion of body sway. No matter what you're recording and how you're recording it, the XH G1's stabilization design corrects camcorder shake instantly.<br/> <br/> In addition, optical stabilization keeps your shot steady without a loss in image quality -- something that can't be said for electronic image stabilization.<br/>
With HD, focus is more critical than ever. It demands Instant AF: the next generation of auto focus, designed with HD resolution in mind. Because HD resolution is higher, focusing time is longer -- it's harder to find perfect focus. Canon's Instant AF combines an external AF sensor with Canon's legendary auto focus system for fast and accurate focus. Together, the two sensors reduce focusing time -- even in low-light, low contrast, or high brightness situations -- and improve focusing performance on difficult subjects.<br/> <br/> The XH G1 gives you a choice of 3 AF modes for different shooting applications:<br/> Normal AF changes focus at a speed that appears natural and doesn't distract the viewer<br/> Instant AF changes focus as rapidly as possible and is designed for applications in which quick focus is more important than other considerations -- for example, in new gathering or documentary work<br/> <br/>
DIGIC DV II is the next generation of Canon's exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing technology. DIGIC DV II processes the HD signal at 1440 x 1080 with 4:2:2 color sampling. Designed specifically for processing the immense volume of information in 1080 HD signals, DIGIC DV II ensures optimal image quality for HD video.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Tonal reproducibility has been increased for high image quality. Color reproducibility has also been enhanced for improved color image quality -- especially in skin tones, and dark and light scenes. The DIGIC DV ll processor also employs a new, hybrid noise reduction system that integrates two types of noise reduction. This, along with a new gamma system reduces noise in monotone and shadow areas especially, for high definition images that are crystal clear.<br/>
Image, display and the functionality of the camera can be customized to suit your preference or application. This customization ensures that your XH G1 fits your creative, production and personal needs and preferences exactly. Settings can be saved to memory for easy retrieval or downloaded into other XH G1 and XH A1 cameras via an SD memory card or Canon's CONSOLE version 1.1.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> &#160;Image Control<br/> <br/> <br/> &#160;Custom Functions<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> &#160;Custom Display<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Image Control<br/> <br/> <br/> A variety of image control functions give you as much or as little exposure control as you want, and let you fine-tune your exposures for outstanding video. You get Total Image Control, Exposure Lock for re-composing your shot after setting your exposure, AE shift (+/- 2 levels), Gain Setting, 2 Custom Keys, as well as:<br/> 7 Program AE Modes<br/> A variety of AE modes allow you to take as much or as little control of exposure as you need. Auto and Full Auto modes let you concentrate on your subject and the composition of your shot rather than exposure, or make it easy maintain exposure during shots with lighting conditions that change. Manual lets you control every aspect of your exposure manually. With Tv priority, you select the shutter to match your subject; for example, you might select a shorter shutter speed for a fast moving subject. With Av priority, you select your aperture; for example, you might want more control over your depth of field. Spotlight gives you the optimal exposure for a brightly light subject against a darker background. Night mode automatically adjusts exposure parameters to give you the best image possible of video recorded at night.<br/> <br/> 9 Custom Presets<br/> With the XH G1, you can make set a variety of image quality adjustments and store them for later use or for exporting to other camcorders. The adjustments include: hue, color gain, sharpness, setup level, color matrix (Normal/CINE1/CINE2), gamma (Normal/CINE1/CINE2), auto knee/knee, black (normal/stretch/press), G gain, B gain, R gain, NR1, NR2, coring, master pedestal, horizontal frequency adjustment, H/V balance, and matrix settings (R-G/R-B/G-R/G-B/B-R/G-B).<br/> <br/> Custom Functions<br/> <br/> <br/> With the XH G1's Custom Functions capability, you can establish the camera settings best suited to your preference. Three custom functions (C.Fn1, C.Fn2 and C.Fn3) are provided. Each custom function allows a total of 21 main items to be selected. All three custom functions can be recorded on a memory card, and can then be downloaded to another camcorder. Items include: Shockless WB/GAIN, AE Response, High-speed Zoom Setting, Focus Ring Response Characteristics, Ring/Dial Operation Direction Settings, Subject Distance Unit Setting, Color Bar Display, Remote Control Codes, and Tally Lamp Settings.<br/> <br/> Custom Display<br/> <br/> <br/> The Custom Display function lets you set 22 display items to create a custom menu to suit your specific needs. Once set, the functions can be recorded on a memory card, and can then be downloaded to another XH G1 or XH A1 camcorder. Items that can be selected include: Record Programs, Camera Data 1, Camera Data 2, Zoom, Focus, Neutral Density, Image Effects, Focus Assist Function, Customize, Recording STD, DV Record Mode, Frame Rate, Tape, Tape remainder, Tape/Card, Light Metering, Card, Card Remainder, Audio, Condensation, Battery, and Wireless Remote.<br/>
With the XH G1's versatile open-architecture approach, you can even customize your HD camcorder to record in both 60i and 50i. (This optional upgrade must be performed by a Canon Service Center.)<br/> <br/>
&#160; The XH G1 gives capabilities required by ENG, TV and commercial production professionals. Whether it's a multi-camera broadcast situation, a feature film, or a run-and-gun documentary, this camera delivers all the options needed to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows. BNC connectors provide HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI (SMPTE 259M) uncompressed 1.485 gigabit/second output with 4:2:2 color sampling &#8212; with embedded Time Code and audio; Genlock input for multi-camera synchronization in live-switched environments; and dedicated Time Code input and output terminals for post-production requirements. The camera also generates industry-standard color bars and audio reference tone for setup in professional broadcast and post-production environments. These signals are all SMPTE compliant. <br/> <br/>
2.8" Widescreen LCD and .57" Widescreen EVF provide you with bright, high-resolution views. The LCD gives approximately 207,000 pixels and the EVF, 269,000. The LCD and EVF can be used at the same time, giving both camera person and director a view of the action. The VF stows in the camcorder body when not in use, and can also point forward for self-portrait work.<br/> <br/> Still Image Shooting capabilities turn your XH G1 into a valuable production tool for storyboarding, continuity and publicity shots, and other applications. You get single image shooting, continuous shooting, high-speed continuous shooting, histogram display, AEB, image quality selection, print order, protect, slide show, and index display. And, digital still images can be recorded in either digital color space or video color space. Image sizes are 1920 x 1080, 848 x 480, 1440 x 1080, and 640 x 480. Still image shooting records images to a MultiMedia Card or SD Memory Card. Metering modes include center-weighted average metering, evaluative metering, and spot metering.<br/> <br/> <br/> Simultaneous Still Image Shooting lets you capture still images to memory card while you record video to tape. It also lets you capture still images to card from HDV footage for news applications or for creating storyboards.<br/> <br/> Support for 9 languages including: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, English, Chinese (simplified), and Japanese.<br/> <br/> Analog-Digital Converter lets you use your XH G1 to convert the analog signal from your TV, VCR or analog camcorder to digital. Or use your XH G1 as a signal converter by connecting it between an analog device and another digital device.<br/> <br/> <br/> Level Shot and Grid Marker features make it easy to keep your camera level or compose your shot with precision. Simply press the Level Shot Control button, and a horizontal marker appears in your viewfinder. Line up any horizontal lines in your shot -- such as the horizon -- to the marker and you can be sure your camcorder is level. The Grid Marker feature lets you compose your shot accurately in relation to a precise grid,<br/> <br/> Canon CONSOLE Image Control & Storage Software Version 1.1 is an XH G1 accessory that lets you control key functions of the Canon XH G1 camcorder remotely through a PC, delivering camera set up and image adjustment capabilities wherever you are working. Commands and responses are exchanged through a single IEEE1394 cable.<br/> <br/> Backwards compatible with the feature set of the XH G1 camcorder<br/> Control all aspects of color and exposure settings<br/> Measure and adjust video and phase parameters precisely with wave form and vector display<br/> Control zoom, focus, white balance preset shift, shooting mode & frame rate, color correction, skin detail, sky detail, custom presets<br/> Split screen views of record and playback control panels let you view video as it's recorded to the hard drive and simultaneously adjust camera settings for the next shot<br/> <br/> Built-in XLR terminals (2) supply phantom power (+48 dB) and can be switched between LINE and MIC.<br/> <br/> External Microphone Holder lets you attach an external microphone to your XH G1.<br/> <br/> Internal Battery Compartment<br/> <br/> Flash Accessory Shoe can accept a Canon EX Speedlite flash unit for still photography.<br/> <br/> Letterbox Display during playback allow easy viewing of HD footage on any monitor, even a 4:3 monitor.<br/> <br/> 1 Year Parts and Labor Limited Warranty<br/> <br/>


Standard Definition or High Definition

High Definition

Power Supply (rated)


Image Sensor

3 - 1/3 Native 16:9 CCDs (1440 x 1080)

Total Pixels

Approx. 1.67 Megapixels

Tape Recording
HD: 1440 x 1080; Approx. 1.56 Megapixels
SD (4:3): 1080 x 1080; Approx. 1.17 Megapixels
SD (16:9): 1440 x 1080; Approx. 1.56 Megapixels

Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)

SP: 80 min


Zoom Ratio: 20x Optical
Focal Length: 4.5mm - 90mm (32.5mm - 650mm; 35mm photo equivalent)
Zoom Speed: 16 Zoom Speeds, plus High Speed and variable
Max. F/Stop: f/1.6 -- 35mm
Filter Size: 72mm

White Balance

Outdoor, Indoor, Manual, Set (2x), Color Temperature (in degrees Kelvin)

Image Stabilization

Super-Range Optical

AF System

3 Mode Instant Auto Focus (external sensor plus TTL)


Widescreen .57 Color Viewfinder (Approx 269,000 pixels)

LCD Screen

2.8 Widescreen LCD (Approx. 207,000 pixels)

Recording Media

MiniDV Cassette

DV Terminal

IEEE 1394

Video Terminal

LANC terminal, BNC Video, Component Video, and Composite Video


2-channel recording/MPEG1 Audio Layer II

DV16 bit (48 kHz)
12 bit (32 kHz)
4ch synchronous recording not possibleHDV2-channel recording/MPEG1 Audio Layer II

Microphone Terminal

2 XLR (line/mic level) inputs with phantom power (+48v)
Mic terminal (3.5mm)


Approx 6.4 x 7.4 x 13.8 in (163 x 189 x 350 mm) - not including grip belt
Approx. 6.4 x 7.4 x 12.4 in (140 x 189 x 314 mm) - not including the lens hood and grip belt

Weight (not including lens and battery pack)

4.6 lb (2100g)


5.2 lb (2300g)

XH G1 Box Contents

XH G1 Box Contents XH G1 High Definition Camcorder DC Coupler (DC-920) Component Video Cable (DTC-1000) Stereo Video Cable (STV-250N) Wireless Controller (WL-D5000) Shoulder Strap (SS-1000) Battery Pack (BP-950G) 16MB SD Card (SD-16M) Compact Power Adapter (CA-920) with AC Cable 2-AA Size Batteries Lens Cap Lens Hood CA-920 Battery Charger

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you XH G1 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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