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The Canon HD Video Lens 6x XL 3.4-20.4mm L is made for the High Definition ENG, commercial, documentary and feature videographer who demands uncompromising optical quality. The 3.4 to 20.4mm wide-angle zoom lens provides users with an extensive range of focal lengths from 24.5 to 147mm (in 35mm photographic terms). Designed for Canon&#39;s XL lens mount system, it adds even more versatility and artistic range to Canon&#39;s XL HD camcorder, the XL H1. <br/> Canon reserves the &#34;L-Series&#34; designation for its highest quality photographic lenses. As an L-Series lens, the Canon HD Video Lens 6x XL 3.4-20.4mm L has excellent color reproduction and delivers edge-to-edge sharpness. With high-refraction glass and the integration of Canon&#39;s newly developed UA (Ultra High Refractive Index Aspherical) lens design, the lens achieves high resolution and increased zoom magnification in a compact size. It features Canon&#39;s multi-coating to reduce ghosting and flare for a clear, crisp image. It also ensures minimal distortion that makes it the ideal lens for wide-screen TV. The XL mount system supports the HDV standard, ensuring communication compatibility and full HDV functionality with the XL H1. This includes HDV functions such as HD auto-focusing, still image auto-focusing, still image stabilization, and distance information. It&#39;s just another demonstration of how Canon camcorders and lenses are providing professional videographers with the tools they need. Manual Iris Ring - In response to XL H1 users, the Canon HD Video Lens 6x Zoom XL 3.4-20.4mm L features a manual iris adjustment ring on the lens itself. Previously, the f-number could only be selected using an iris dial on the camera. The manual iris adjustment ring of the HD 6x zoom lens lets you adjust your f-stop with the same hand and in the same way you focus and zoom. Distance Display - In combination with the XL H1, the lens lets you see a subject-distance read-out in your viewfinder. This function provides you with the same, useful subject distance information you get from reading the markings on the barrel of a front focusing lens. MOD (Minimum Object Distance) Function - The lens includes a Minimum Object Distance (MOD) feature, which creates an Autofocus range suitable for normal shooting situations from one meter to infinity. This feature prevents the lens from focusing on dust particles that can occasionally appear on the surface of the lens. For macro applications, the AF range can be extended to a minimum focusing distance of 20mm. Focus Preset Function - The focus preset function lets you manually focus on your subject, then store that information in memory. Once the focus is set, you can then capture shots in which you change your focus from infinity (or some other distance) to your subject - using three different speed settings. Zoom Preset Function - The zoom preset function lets you preset the focal length of your lens, then store that information in memory. This feature is useful when you want to preset a focal length for the end of a shot - for example, when you want to zoom in on your subject. One-push AF Function - The one-push AF function is used when you want to fix the focus on a particular subject using AF. For example, when you are tracking a specific person in a shot that includes many people moving in different directions. (2) Built-in ND Filters - The built-in ND filter lets you select one of two neutral density levels (1/6, 1/32), giving you the flexibility to obtain optimal results under a wide variety of lighting conditions. An ND warning display even alerts you to bright conditions that can result in the deterioration of image quality. 1 - Optional accessory requires separate purchase from XL H1 Camcorder.
The XL H1 delivers 1080i HD resolution, along with selectable frame rates of 60i, 30F and 24F. For high-speed subjects 30 Frame delivers spectacular clarity, 24 Frame gives the look and motion of film.<br/> <br/>
For the professional videographer, the XL H1 gives you the capabilities you need &#8212; no matter what the job, no matter what the facilities. Multi-camera shoots are no problem using Genlock synchronization or SMPTE Time Code input and output. Also provided are uncompressed HD-SDI and SD-SDI output. The XL H1&#39;s industry-standard terminals bring together all these capabilities, and lets you quickly and conveniently make the connection you need. <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
With the XL H1, you can control the total look of your video by fine-tuning all important picture settings:<br/> <br/> Gamma<br/> Knee<br/> Black<br/> Master Pedestal<br/> Setup Level<br/> Sharpness<br/> Horizontal Detail Frequency<br/> Horizontal / Vertical Detail Balance<br/> Coring<br/> Noise Reduction 1<br/> Noise Reduction 2<br/> Color Matrix<br/> Color Gain<br/> Color Phase<br/> Master Red Gain<br/> Master Blue Gain<br/> Master Green Gain<br/> R-G Matrix<br/> R-B Matrix<br/> G-R Matrix<br/> G-B Matrix<br/> B-R Matrix<br/> B-G Matrix<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Featuring Canon&#39;s XL lens mount, the XL H1&#39;s 20x HD lens gives you outstanding resolution, contrast, and color reproduction. What&#39;s more, the 38.9 -- 778mm lens is coupled with Canon&#39;s superb Super Range Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) system. The sophisticated stabilization system corrects camera shake instantly for steady shots -- even when they&#39;re hand held at long focal lengths or taken with the camera in motion.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Previously, optical image stabilizers have used a gyro sensor to detect camcorder vibration. The data from the sensor would control a vari-angle prism that continuously corrected the path of the incoming light. Super Range goes one step further by examining the image after it is received by the CCD. The system detects low-frequency vibrations missed by the gyro and sends this data back to accelerate and refine the movement of the vari-angle prism. This greatly improves performance for low frequency vibration, resulting in the most advanced optical image stabilization available today.<br/> <br/> And since the XL H1&#39;s OIS system is optical, there isn&#39;t the loss of image quality that is inevitable with electronic image stabilizers.<br/> <br/> This lens also includes both Focus and Zoom Presets for repeatable focus or zoom moves.<br/>
In addition to all of the features and capabilities you&#39;d expect from a Canon HD camcorder, the XL H1 also gives you the flexibility to record still images. The images can be captured at full HD resolution (1920x 1080), with all the custom settings. With many pre- and post-production, storyboarding, and continuity applications, still image recording is just another way the XL H1 delivers versatility.<br/> <br/>
<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> Building on the superior image quality of the industry-leading XL series, the XL H1 is built around a 3 CCD system with a separate native 16:9 CCDs for each primary color. With the XL H1, each 1/3&#34; CCD has 1.67M pixels. The result is higher resolution, delivering outstanding picture quality, highly accurate color reproduction and a wide dynamic range with virtually no color noise.<br/>
<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> DIGIC DV II is the next generation of Canon&#39;s exclusive DIGIC DV signal processing technology. Even though video and still images have different color requirements, DIGIC DV II HD digital signal processing ensures optimal image quality for both HD video and still images.<br/>
Whether you&#39;re gathering news on the run or shooting documentary footage in an exotic location, the XL H1&#39;s big and bright 2.4&#34;, 16:9 Electronic Viewfinder makes it is easy to operate your HD camcorder -- no matter what your shooting style -- and get the shot you need. Depending on your preference, the viewfinder can work in either EVF or LCD mode, and can be adjusted left to right, and forward to backwards.<br/> <br/> Safe Area Markings (80%, 90%), Aspect Ratio Guides, B/W mode, Zebra Pattern (70 -- 100 IRE) make it easy to frame and check exposure, while Peaking and Magnifying Focus Help all assist you in composing your shot and getting the proper exposure.<br/> <br/> With the 20x HD video lens and the XL H1, you can also utilize the Distance Readout System (in either feet or meters).<br/> <br/>
Using the XL H1&#39;s six custom presets and two custom keys, you can quickly and easily retrieve previously defined picture and camera settings.<br/> <br/> Six custom presets allow you to store different sets of camera adjustments, including: color gain, color phase, sharpness, setup level, V detail, color matrix, gamma, knee, black stretch and skin detail (hue, gain, area, Y level). Once saved, the presets are easily retrieved for duplicating a previously defined look.<br/> <br/> Using the SD / MultiMediaCard slot you can store up to 20 Custom Presets and easily transfer them to another XL H1, and with the optional Console software, you can adjust all of the functions of the camcorder and transfer the Custom Presets to and from the camcorder. You can even send the presets by email to another XL H1 user.<br/> <br/> With the XL H1, you can also define two custom keys, in both camera mode and VCR mode, giving you customized shooting modes that can be retrieved as needed.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
This adjustment is used to adjust the Flange Back of a lens mounted on the XL H1. This adjustment can be done automatically or manually by the user.<br/> <br/>
The XL H1 conforms to industry standards with SMPTE time code, as well as Drop, Non-Drop, Rec Run and Free Run modes.<br/> <br/> The XL H1 also generates industry standard SMPTE color bars with a 1 KHz reference tone (-12dB or -20dB) for adjustment purposes, and for setting up video and audio monitors in a variety of production and editing situations. When used as a lead-in, the bars also allow for fast hand-off in the professional broadcast and film post-production environments.<br/> <br/>
The XL H1&#39;s Clear Scan feature lets you match the scan rate of the camera to the scan rate of computer monitors, thereby eliminating the horizontal band effect from monitors included in your shot.<br/> <br/>
The XL H1 gives you great control over hue, gain, area and Y level (+/- 6 steps). During setup EVF shows a zebra pattern over masking area flashes between picture and white-mask. During setup EE and IEEE1394 out flashes between picture and zebra pattern, enabling you to easily smooth out skin blemishes and wrinkles with total control.<br/> <br/>
The XL H1 provides 4 channel recording with independent control of levels for each channel. The HD camera&#39;s audio capabilities also include Locked or Unlocked in DV Recording.<br/> <br/>
The flexibility of the XL H1 ensures you have the connectivity you require -- whatever the project -- including:<br/> BNC video<br/> Component video<br/> S-Video<br/> Composite video<br/> IEEE 1394<br/> 2 Audio LR connections with Phantom power<br/> Microphone terminal (3.5mm)<br/> Headphone terminal (3.5mm)<br/> LANC terminal<br/> HD-SDI<br/> Genlock<br/> Time Code input and output<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>
With the XL H1&#39;s versatile open-architecture approach, you can even customize your HD camcorder to record in both 60i and 50i. (This optional upgrade must be performed by a Canon Service Center.)<br/> <br/>
The XL H1 is capable of recording and playing back High Definition (HD) images using DV cassette tapes. The camcorder records in HDV1080i, and uses a Mode Select and a Frame Rate dial to select HD signals or SD signals and the frame rate.<br/> <br/> The images recorded on the tape are configured as follows: Under the &#34;HDV1080i&#34; (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 60 fields (or 50 fields for PAL*) are recorded. (60i/50i recording)<br/> Under the &#34;HDV1080i&#34; (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 30 frames (or 25 frames for PAL*) are recorded. (30F/25F recording)<br/> Under the &#34;HDV1080i&#34; (HDV) specifications, 1440 x 1080 (16:9) images in 24 frames are recorded. (24F recording)<br/> *Assumes 60i/50i Mode optional upgrade has been performed.<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/>

XL H1 Camcorder Kit

XL H1 Camcorder Kit XL H1 Digital Camcorder HD-20x zoom XL5.4-108mm L IS II Wireless Controller (WL-D5000) 2-AA Size Batteries Battery Pack (BP-950G) Compact Power Adapter (CA-920)with AC Power Supply Coupler (DC-920) Microphone Unit Shoulder Strap (SS-1000) Skirt Adapter (PC-A10) Adapter Holder SD Memory Card (SD-16M) D Terminal Component Cable (DTC-1000) Stereo Cable Color Viewfinder Lens Cap Lens Dust Cap Lens Hood


Standard Definition or High Definition

High Definition

Power Supply (rated)

7.4V DC (battery pack)

Video Recording system

Two rotating heads, helical scan azimuth recording, HDV: HDV1080i; DV specifications (Consumer VCR SD specifications)

Audio Recording system

DV: PCM digital recording: 16 bits (48 kHz/2 channels), 12 bits (32 kHz//2 channels) selectable. 12 bit/synchronous (32 kHz/4 channels) is possible HDV: MPEG1 Audio Layer II: (Sampling frequency 48 kHz, bit rate 384 kbps/2 channels);

Image Sensor

Size 1/3, approx. 1.67 megapixels per CCD, CCD x3 (charge-coupled device) with horizontal pixel shift.
Effective pixels: HD approx. 1.56 megapixels, SD/4:3 approx. 1.17 megapixels, SD/16:9 approx. 1.56 megapixels

Tape Format

Video cassettes bearing the MiniDV mark

Tape Speed

HDV/DV: SP mode: 0.74 ips (18.81mm/second), DV, LP mode; 0.49 ips (12.56 mm/second)

Maximum Recording Time (with an 80-min. cassette)

HDV/DV: SP mode 80 min. DV:LP; 120 min.

Lens Mount

XL interchangeable lens system

Focusing System

TTL autofocus. Manual focusing possible (20x zoom XL 5.4-108mm L IS II installed)

Focusing System

20mm (Wide macro), 1m (entire zoom range): (20x zoom XL 5.4-108mm L IS II installed)

Minimum Illumination

60i, 1/60 shutter speed = 7 lux; 30F, 1/30 shutter speed = 4 lux; 24F, 1/48 shutter speed = 6 lux

Filter Diameter

72mm (XL lens)


2.4-inch (wide type) color LCD; Approx. 215,000 pixels


High-performance MS stereo electric condenser microphone

Recording Media

SD, MMC (photos only)

DV Terminal

Special 4-pin connector (IEEE1394 compatible); both input/output

Video Terminal

(a) Also serves as RCA pin jack (yellow); both input/output
(b) Also serves as BNC connector; both input/output

Output Levels

Max. -10 dBv (for 47 kohm load)/3 kohm unbalanced

S-video Terminal

4-pin mini-DIN; both input/output

Audio Terminal

(a) Also serves as RCA pin jack (white/red, L/R) both input/output (2 systems)
(b) XLR 3-pin jack (2 systems); switchable between MIC/LINE


Auto Mode, Gain 18dB

Microphone Terminal

3.5mm stereo mini-jack

Operating Temperature range

32-104° F (0-40° C)


8.9 x 8.7 x 19.5 in. (226 x 220 x 496mm)

Weight (not including lens and battery pack)

5.4 lbs. (2435g)


8.3 lbs. (3750g)

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Weight and dimensions are approximate. Canon and IMAGEANYWARE are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered marks in other countries. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Weight and dimensions are approximate. Canon isa registered trademark of Canon Inc. HDV and HDV logo are trademarks of Sony Corporation and Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC). Other names and products not mentioned above may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective companies. Warning: Unauthorized recording of copyrighted materials may infringe on the rights of copyright owners and be contrary to copyright laws.

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