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Studio Solution

Support Professional Camcorders

Item Code: 4719B001AA
While the software was developed in conjunction with Express Digital, the underlying technologies being used for EOS camera operation, RAW image processing, and printing are all Canon. This is the first time that Canon USA has worked this closely with a third-party company to produce digital imaging software.

There's no question that using a complete Canon workflow from beginning to end ensures the best finished product. STUDIO SOLUTION uses Canon color and exposure management in-camera, Canon technology for camera to computer interaction, Canon Digital Photo Professional's RAW processing engine and algorithms, along with Canon's Lucia pigment inks, wide color-gamut, and sophisticated Automatic Color Stability Control.

The brilliant part is that while you see all of this Canon technology and image quality in the finished product that you deliver to your customers, all of this is invisible in the actual operations of your studio.

STUDIO SOLUTION also uses a non-destructive RAW workflow throughout. This ensures that you're working at the highest bit-depth, and are retaining the best image quality at all times.

Key features:
  • Consistently superior image quality

  • Canon CR2 RAW Workflow

  • Canon DPP processing engine and algorithms

  • Lucia pigment inks ensure archival images and amazing image quality

  • High bit-depth and wide Adobe RGB color gamut

From reception to invoicing, Canon Studio Solution gives you unprecedented integration and comprehensive studio management in a completely scalable software package. Whether you are a one-person studio running the software on a single laptop computer or a larger enterprise with multiple employees and networked workstations, the workflow is streamlined, easy-to-use and professional, reducing business-related costs while maximizing sales and profit potential. The intuitive interface simplifies staff training requirements, and the cohesive modules lead you naturally and effortlessly from one step to the next, enabling you to manage a highly efficient, automated, profitable studio.

Because of the operational ease of the user interface, anyone can start using Studio Solution with minimal need for training. With a few minutes of guidance, new employees can be up, running, and productive with even the most sophisticated features.

Largely a push-button and drag-and-drop interface, employees using Studio Solution can easily create picture packages, use templates, and show media surfaces and framing options that effortlessly add to the profitability of each sale.

Beginning when a new client's contact information is taken for the first time, each step in the Studio Solution workflow process naturally flows into the next, all the way through to the billing and delivery of the finished order.

The design of Canon's Studio Solution not only makes the training of new staff members extremely easy, but its seamless workflow process ensures that regardless of the number of employees you have, everyone comes across to your clients working as a single, cohesive team.

Key features:
  • Increased productivity, greater efficiency, added profitability

  • Extensive automation throughout the entire workflow process

  • Minimal learning curve

  • Simple and fast user interface

  • A natural and intuitive workflow

Aside from the use of Canon's advanced imaging technologies being used throughout, the features that set Canon's STUDIO SOLUTION apart in the market are its ability to manage and administrate every aspect of your studio's operations.

The receptionist doesn't need to be able to access the tethered shooting controls, and the photographer probably doesn't need to experiment with text and template overlays. STUDIO SOLUTION allows full administration of which staff members have access to what features. For the photographer, STUDIO SOLUTION is the ideal tethered or wireless shooting program. For the salesperson talking to the client, STUDIO SOLUTION is a presentation tool for showing picture packages, slide shows, framing options, and closing the sale.

While STUDIO SOLUTION is a single software program that will do everything a studio owner needs in their day-to-day operation, no single employee needs access to more functions than what they are assigned to do. The photographer sees the results of the receptionist taking the original order, sees the assignment to be shot, sees the studio schedule, and sees any special notes that need to be taken into account; but can't go in and make any changes to the original order unless the manager has given them that level of access.

Key features:
  • Access and permissions of all studio operations, camera and software functionality can be administrator controlled throughout the studio workflow

  • Scalable to any size studio operation

  • Integrates the needs of every employee and every department into a single networked application

Studio Solution's workflow steps are divided into different areas, or modules. Access and permissions of each module can be assigned to individual staff members.

Studio and Customer Management/Reception
  • STUDIO SOLUTION manages all calendar, employee and customer databases. No extra office software is needed

  • Customer family relations and birthdays are kept track of and monitored so reminder mailers can be sent out promptly

  • All shoot and consultation bookings are created and tracked

  • Reports can be created to keep track of studio income and profit

  • All pricing, packages and templates are created and edited thru Studio Solution

  • Wireless capture possible via FTP

  • Tethered capture via USB 2.0 or Ethernet

  • Quick Import via memory card or disk

Image Management
  • Automatic image library cataloging and archiving to pre-selected hard drive, RAID, server, CD or DVD

  • Easy image browsing and search tools

  • Intuitive batch processing, printing, enhancements and adjustments

  • Speedy creation of professional proof sheets or online proofing websites

  • Unique borders, templates and composites can be selected from Studio Solution's vast library or can be custom created to enhance photos and picture packages

  • Built-in chroma-key green screen capability with a library of backgrounds

  • Selective and global retouching can be applied to images to adjust everything from blemish removal to red-eye reduction. If more complex retouching is required, files can be automatically opened in Adobe Photoshop without ever leaving the STUDIO SOLUTION software

  • Quick global adjustments can be saved and automatically added upon image import or capture

Client Presentation/Sales
  • On spot creation of proofs and contact sheets at the push of a button

  • Images can be reviewed with clients, presented in an elegant way via on screen or projected slideshows. A second monitor can be taken advantage of for this purpose

  • Custom ratings can be added to images to make editing flawless. Comparing and selecting images for client purchase is easy and great for the up sell of print orders

  • Location shoots can be easily uploaded to the web thru Studio Solution's advanced online proofing galleries

  • STUDIO SOLUTION offers nesting of images when outputting to roll media on a Canon IPF wide format printer. This is a tool that usually requires sophisticated printer RIP systems, and saves time and money by not wasting paper

  • Images and picture packages can be printed to any Pixma PRO or imagePROGRAF Canon printer. Larger files can be automatically sent to any lab

  • STUDIO SOLUTION has a fully automated print module. Color management is built in and settings never need to be updated unless a new media type is added. STUDIO SOLUTION will fully communicate with the Canon printer's interface and will alert you when new media or ink is needed. With STUDIO SOLUTION there is no need to constantly monitor the printer

  • Orders can be automatically printed the moment the order is placed, making your photo studio a one stop shop where customers can leave with their final prints the day of their sitting




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