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CXDI Control Software NE

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CXDI Control Software NE Datasheet

Streamlined Workflow: Streamlined Workflow, standard with CXDI Control Software NE, contains features such as procedure code mapping, auto-next protocol selection, and pre-packs all streamline today's workflow by reducing steps needed to perform the exam.


Stitching: Normally an industry add-on, stitching comes standard with the CXDI Control Software. Stitching allows up to four images to be combined into one large image to assist with diagnosis (e.g. spine, legs, etc.)


Enhanced Visualization Protocol (EVP): EVP Enhances fine lines to allow today's clinicians to accurately view PICC lines, catheters, etc. And best of all, it comes standard with CXDI Control Software NE.


Images Simulated

Images Simulated

Reject Analysis: This optional reporting tool created by Virtual Imaging, Inc. (sold separately) allows today's facilities to chart, graph, and analyze feedback on the amount of rejected images/exposures generated by the CXDI Control Software NE.


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Images are simulated.

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