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CXDI Control Software NE

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High resolution images show the subtle details of trabecular bone structure and soft tissue. A XGA-UXGA size monitor (sold separately) supports the large image display in the software.

The advanced software supports multiple studies for one patient. Rather than searching through menus, most settings can be accessed directly from the main screen, reducing the steps needed to complete exams and optimize the workflow.

Next exposure can be selected automatically. A wide range of settings may be selected from the main menu and images can be taken within three touches.

A patient exam that includes timed or delayed exposures can be suspended and restarted for multiple sessions.

In the case of an emergency, exams can be started immediately for quick operation. Patient demographic information can be associated with the images before the end of the exam.

The PrePack Protocol enables a single click selection of a set of protocols required for a specific examination, streamlining study order creation in the radiography room.


A wide range of post processing functions are available including Measurements, Angulations, Quick R&L Marker, Free Annotation, Irregular Masking and more.


Free Annotation


Quick R&L Marker

The warm setting, featured in brown, is ideal for darkly lit rooms while the cool setting highlighted in blue, stands out in rooms with more light.



Images can be transmitted to most PACS. Any text and graphics added during viewing are also transmitted. Images can be printed using a DICOM compatible printer in a variety of formats.



† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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