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CJ45ex13.6B IASE-V H

4K UHDxs Portable Lenses

Item Code: 2694C002AA

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The CJ45ex13.6B lens features an ultra-high zoom ratio of 45× and telephoto end focal length of 612mm (1224mm when using the built-in 2x extender), making it ideal for shooting live sports, nature, concerts, live events and other applications where focal length on the telephoto end is prioritized. Offering a wide angle focal length of 13.6mm, the extensive focal range allows you to cover a wide range of shooting needs with a single lens, making it particularly useful for mid-sized broadcasting vans, horse racing tracks, and monitoring applications. High optical performance is maintained throughout the entire zoom range, even when the 2x extender is used.




New Integrated Multi-Group Movable Zoom for Outstanding Zoom Control
The lens features a new integrated multi-group movable zoom system, compared to the conventional two-group movable zoom system found in most broadcast lenses. This system helps provide superb zoom control, working to maintain optical performance throughout the entire zoom range from the center of the image to the edges. Integration of a multi-group movable zoom system also offers wider angle while reducing the φ127mm diameter of the front lens element that is equal to conventional HD lenses.



Wide Focus Rotation Angle
A rotation angle of 180 degrees (compared to 110 degree rotation angle of our HJ40x lenses) facilitates tight control for 4K UHD cameras , helping improve focus operation, even at long focal lengths where focusing can be difficult.


The CJ45ex13.6B lens features a combination of specialized materials, contemporary optical design and multi-layer coatings to produce outstanding 4K imagery, effectively deriving the potential of 4K cameras and expanding possibilities for image expression. In addition, lens element surface accuracy has been improved significantly over HDTV lenses, contributing to the enhanced Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) performance required of 4K imagery.

New Integrated Multi-Group Movable Zoom System and Floating Focus System
A new integrated multi-group movable zoom system can control at points with major fluctuations in optical performance during zooming (wide middle, tele middle), working to maintain  optical performance throughout the entire zoom range from the center of the image to the edges. In addition, a new integrated floating focus system helps reduce changes in aberrations when focusing to different object distances, while maintaining 4K optical performance in color reproduction over the entire focus range, especially on the telephoto side.


Minimized Chromatic Aberration
Fluorite and UD glass have been generously utilized and optimally arranged for better correction of chromatic aberrations. This helps produce beautiful images with less color bleeding or coloring around the outlines, achieving superb color reproduction to the edges of the images. In addition, the BT.2020 compatible correction data enhances the magnification chromatic aberration correction level of the total camera system.


Reduced Ghosting
The lens coating helps to control the reflection on the lens barrel’s inner surface, helping suppress ghosting and flaring, resulting in HDR-compatible high-contrast images.

HDR images offer excellent gradation representation and enhanced realism and dimension including texture for image representation close to the real thing. However, there can be noticeable color bleeding and flare, so HDR shooting requires high optical performance. The CJ45ex13.6B lens delivers the advanced optical performance that Canon considers essential for a HDR system lens, enabling shooting of more realistic images.


The CJ45ex13.6B lens features built-in image stabilization – a newly designed system compared to that in the HJ40x generation lenses. The improvement is significant in the all-important higher vibration frequency range that is typically stimulated when shooting within helicopters, boats, and motor vehicles.

Image stabilization mode settings are enabled from the digital information display on the digital servo drive unit.

Motorized Mechanical Lock Release Mechanism
A motorized mechanical lock release mechanism improves operability by enabling easy release in situations when the lever is hard to reach, such as when mounted on a tripod.

The CJ45ex13.6B lens features a high performance digital drive unit that improves servo performance compared to our HJ40x lenses, and an advanced 16-bit absolute value encoder that supports communication with compatible 2/3" 4K UHD cameras.

Quick Startup and Easy Calibration
The drive unit of the CJ45ex13.6B lens can output accurate lens position data from the moment the power is turned on and does not require initialization, contributing to the quick start when shooting. Eliminating initialization of the encoder at power-on simplifies calibration when composing virtual and live-action images, and helps to create more accurate composites.

Fast Servo Operation
The servo operates faster than our HJ40x generation lenses, and can achieve the full focal range zoom in 1.2 seconds. The focus control has a wide 180 degree manual rotation angle, and when servo driven it can drive focus control over its full range in 1.8 seconds. The iris can be driven over its full aperture range in 1.3 seconds.




Advanced Virtual Operability
The drive unit of the CJ45ex13.6B lens uses three 20-pin connectors. This enables virtual system output and users can access the virtual terminal. One of these connectors outputs lens positional data, allowing for output even while the zoom and focus servo controllers are in use.



Simple Display Operations
An on-board information display is included on the servo drive unit that supports a range of operational settings. The digital display makes it easy to set, review and display a variety of operational functions. Full Mode can be selected, along with a simplified mode (Basic Mode) that limits options to most frequently used settings, making for easier operation.

HD Demand Compatibility
This feature allows for compatibility with a broadcast-use HD demand. It enables the use of the zoom and focus electrical drive system accessories (such as the ZSD-300D and FPD-400D) which are currently used by HD equipment.

The Canon drive unit integrates a variety of operations, stored digitally, that can be manipulated using the display.

Shuttle Shot
By memorizing any two focal lengths, the Canon drive unit can automatically "shuttle" between two points, moving in either direction. As an example, this function is effective for shots in which an operator wants to start from a wide angle and then zoom in rapidly on to an object.

Frame Preset
An angle of view can be preset in either of two memories and the lens will zoom at the highest speed, or in a preset zoom speed, to the pre-set position with the push of a simple button. As an example, this function can be effective for situations such as interview programs, where it is necessary to switch between bust shot and wide shot.

Speed Preset
A specific zoom speed can be preset in memory making it possible to repeat the zoom speed as often as you like with the push of a simple button. Using a preset speed when zooming in and zooming out contributes to help create stable images, particularly with slow zooms.

Weighing only 12.4 lbs. and measuring 6.8" (W) x 5.8" (H) x 14.0" (L), the portable CJ45ex13.6B lens is similar in size to conventional 2/3" HD lenses, while delivering high level 4K optical performance, 45x high zoom ratio and faster servo operation. The lens is designed to satisfy professionals with its high-level combination of excellent specifications, enhanced optical performance, and outstanding usability.




Product Category

EFP Lens

Product Series


Image Composition

Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Zoom Ratio


Focal Length Range

13.6 ~ 612mm

Focal Length Range with 2x Extender

27.2 ~ 1224mm

Angular Field of View

38.9° x 22.5° at 13.6mm
0.90° x 0.51° at 612mm

Angular Field of View with 2x Extender

20.0° x 11.3° at 27.2mm
0.45° x 0.25° at 1224mm

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1:2.8 at 13.6 ~ 312mm
1:5.5 at 612mm

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with 2x Extender

1:5.6 at 27.2 ~ 624mm
1:11.0 at 1224mm

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens

2.8m (10mm with macro)

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

182.9 x 102.9cm at 13.6mm
4.2 x 2.4cm at 612mm

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with 2x Extender

91.5 x 51.5cm at 27.2mm
2.1 x 1.2cm at 1224mm

Physical Attributes


6.8in (173.2mm)


5.8in (147.5mm)


14.0in (355.0mm)


12.4lbs (5.64kg)




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White Papers

Augmented Creative Control: Innovations in Focus Demand and Zoom Demand Controllers for 4K UHD Long Zoom Field Lenses
Today, large format lens-camera systems have been adopted in many broadcast television productions and producers, directors, and camera operators have now become both attached to, and skilled in, the cinematic imagery and practices supported by these systems. In particular, the “rack focus” is much used in movie and episodic television dramas. This entails a subtle change in depth of field that reveals some new detail (can be an item or another human subject) in a scene – by careful manual operation of the lens focus control. Operational implementation involves changing the focus of the lens during a continuous shot – and this can be small or large changes of focus. If the focus is shallow, then the technique becomes more noticeable. It does demand precision control over focus accuracy.

Very wide rotation angles – typically 270 degrees or greater (from MOD to Infinity focus extremes) – has long been established in the cine lenses (both primes and zooms) used in the motion picture film world.
New Generation 2/3 Inch 4K UHD Long Zoom EFP Lenses
Now a new era of 4K UHD has arrived. Paralleling this is a veritable explosion in video content and distribution over many platforms. Both large format Super 35mm and small 2/3-inch image format lens cameras are in high demand. Having met the initial thrust of 4K UHD into worldwide sports coverage with large box field lenses, Canon more recently turned its focus to extending the capabilities of portable field production. To grasp the challenges posed to developing portable long zoom 2/3-inch lenses for 4K UHD it is helpful to first benchmark the pioneering development of such extended focal range lenses for HDTV.
Role of the 2/3-inch Image Format in 4K UHD Production
This paper is intended to provide a background to the emergence of 2/3-inch lens-camera systems for 4K UHD production and the optical performance expectations of associated 4K lenses. The paper will review Canon’s involvement in the development of those lenses and will describe our initial 4K UHD lens family and the associated design strategies to achieve this impressive level of optical performance. The paper will explain the unprecedented strategy of introducing two categories within this new 4K UHD lens family – namely, 4K and 4K PREMIUM. The distinct performance difference between the two reflects Canon’s recognition that different 4K program genres will require different levels of overall cost / performance.
Lens Strategies for the era of 4K UHD Digital Motion Imaging
It was probably inevitable that broadcasters would begin to explore the possibilities of 4K UHD for the globally popular world of outside broadcast sports coverage; and indeed, recent years have seen a great deal of related experimental projects. The 4K UHD lens issue soon surfaced as the limitations of presently available Super 35mm zoom lenses quickly became apparent.

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