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4K UHD Studio Box Lenses

Item Code: 2171C002

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The most advanced computer simulation design techniques, deployment of new glass materials and optical coatings, and new precision optomechanical design strategies form the underpinnings of the outstanding overall optical performance of the UHD-DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B) – achieving beyond 4K resolution even when the built-in 2x extender is engaged. These proprietary design strategies deliver exceptional 4K image sharpness and a very high contrast across the entire image plane and across the visible wavelength spectrum.
Recognizing the new importance of High Dynamic Range (HDR) to enhancing the overall image performance of both UHD and HD, the lens has been designed with proprietary coating and anti-reflection materials to precisely manage internal light reflections and to better suppress unintended ghosting and flare. This helps produce superb contrast and color reproduction of nominally exposed images, enhanced reproduction of scene speculars, and tight control over spurious effects of extreme scene highlights.
A 2/3-inch 4K acquisition system can result in a narrower depth-of-field than an equivalent HD system, making achievement of accurate focus more critical. To help alleviate this challenge, the operation of the focusing system within the lens has been improved compared to previous models, which aids operational tracking of focus on selected scene objects even when fast zooming is also engaged.
The lens is equipped with 16-bit optical rotary encoders to output highly precise positional data of zoom, focus and iris on a 20-pin connector for direct digital interface to robotic and virtual studio systems.
The lens utilizes the same standard controllers for zoom and focus operations that have been optimized over decades of Canon HDTV field lens developments. Similar in size and weight to our 2/3” HD lenses, the UHD-DIGISUPER 27 allows for the same shooting style.



Product Category

Studio Lens

Product Series


Image Composition

Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Zoom Ratio


Focal Length Range

6.5 ~ 180mm

Focal Length Range with Extender

13.0 ~ 360mm

Angular Field of View

72.9° × 45.1° at 6.5mm
3.1° × 1.7° at 180mm

Angular Field of View with Extender

40.5° × 23.5° at 13mm (with 2x Extender)
1.5° × 0.9° at 360mm (with 2x Extender)

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1:1.5 at 6.5 ~ 123mm
1:2.2 at 180mm

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number) with Extender

1:3.0 at 13 ~ 246mm (with 2x Extender)
1:4.4 at 360mm (with 2x Extender)

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens

0.6 Meter

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

106.1×59.7cm at 6.5mm
3.8×2.1cm at 180mm

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD with Extender

53.1×29.9cm at 13mm (with 2x Extender)
1.9×1.1cm at 360mm (with 2x Extender)

Physical Attributes


9.9in (250.6mm)


10.1in (255.5mm)


21.7in (550mm)


47.4 lbs (21.5kg)



White Papers

Role of the 2/3-inch Image Format in 4K UHD Production
This paper is intended to provide a background to the emergence of 2/3-inch lens-camera systems for 4K UHD production and the optical performance expectations of associated 4K lenses. The paper will review Canon’s involvement in the development of those lenses and will describe our initial 4K UHD lens family and the associated design strategies to achieve this impressive level of optical performance. The paper will explain the unprecedented strategy of introducing two categories within this new 4K UHD lens family – namely, 4K and 4K PREMIUM. The distinct performance difference between the two reflects Canon’s recognition that different 4K program genres will require different levels of overall cost / performance.
Lens Strategies for the era of 4K UHD Digital Motion Imaging
It was probably inevitable that broadcasters would begin to explore the possibilities of 4K UHD for the globally popular world of outside broadcast sports coverage; and indeed, recent years have seen a great deal of related experimental projects. The 4K UHD lens issue soon surfaced as the limitations of presently available Super 35mm zoom lenses quickly became apparent.

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