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CJ20ex5B Series

4K UHDxs Portable Lenses

Item Code: 1507C003AA


UHDxs lenses provide our highest optical performance as they exhibit higher sharpness and lower chromatic aberrations relative to other broadcast lenses.

HDR images offer excellent gradation representation and enhanced realism and dimension, including texture, for image representation close to the real thing.

Canon's 4K UHDxs lenses deliver the advanced optical performance that Canon considers essential for a 4K+HDR system lens, helping to enable shooting of more realistic and immersive images.

With a wide-angle focal length of 5 mm and powerful 20x zoom, the CJ20ex5B can deliver a beautiful panoramic image, as well as tight shots with amazing detail, making it a great fit for a wide variety of applications including television news, sports (especially computer-controlled, stabilized, cable-suspended camera systems above stadiums), and studio shooting.

The built-in 2x extender expands the lens to an impressive 200mm on the telephoto end, while maintaining 4K UHD optical performance throughout the entire range.

Despite its impressive 5.0-100mm focal range, the lens weighs in at only 4.76 lbs. The portable CJ20ex5B 4K UHDxs lens is similar in size to Canon's other 2/3" HD lenses, while delivering 4K UHD performance and offering the mobility demanded in the reporting and documentary fields.

The lens grip allows the center of gravity to be close to the mount, lessening strain on the hands and elbows of the camera operator. The ergonomic grip design allows for a comfortable feel during operation, helping to reduce fatigue and making it easy to move the camera about. The lens is sure to satisfy with its impressive combination of robust specifications, enhanced optical performance, and usability.

The portable CJ20ex5B 4K UHDxs lens features correction data that supports BT.2020, which offers a wider color gamut than the conventional BT.709 broadcasting standard. This enables excellent color reproduction from edge-to-edge when attached to a 4K camera. Like the other UHDxs series lenses, the CJ20ex5B provides optimized chromatic aberration correction based on BT.2020 correction data, helping to enable more lifelike high-resolution video shooting with outstanding tonality and realistic texture and depth.

The CJ20ex5B IASE S allows for full-servo zoom and focus control and is compatible with Canon's broadcast focus and zoom demands. It allows for the use of zoom and focus control accessories (such as the ZDJ-G01 and FDJ-G01).

Alternatively, the CJ20ex5B IRSE S provides servo zoom and manual focus control.

The portable CJ20ex5B 4K UHDxs lens incorporates a digital drive unit, and the high-performance 16-bit encoder provides lens positional data. Three 20-pin connectors enable the use of full-servo focus and zoom demands with the CJ20ex5B IASE S and servo zoom control with the CJ20ex5B IRSE S, while providing encoded lens data for virtual systems. In addition, the low power consumption and the simple drive unit display enhances operations.



Extender 1.0x 2.0x
Focal Length 5-100 mm 10-200 mm
Zoom Ratio 20x
Maximum Relative Aperture (F number) 1:1.8
(5-61 mm)
(100 mm)

(10-122 mm)
(200 mm)

Angular Field of View 87.7° x 56.7°
(5 mm)
5.5° x 3.1°
(100 mm)

51.3° x 30.2°
(10 mm)
2.7° x 1.5°
(200 mm)

M.O.D. 0.4 m
Shooting Range at M.O.D. 87.1 x 49.0 cm
(5 mm)
4.2 x 2.4 cm
(100 mm)

43.6 x 24.5 cm
(10 mm)
2.1 x 1.2 cm
(200 mm)

Approx. Size (w x h x l) Approx.
166.3 x 110.8 x 251.7 mm
Approx. Weight 2.16 kg/4.76 lbs




  • Lens Main Unit
  • Hood Unit
  • Lens Cap
  • Dust Cap
  • Hood Cap
  • Instruction Manual/CD-ROM



Introducing the Canon CJ20ex5B 4K Broadcast Lens

With an outstanding focal range of 5-100mm (up to 200mm with built-in 2X extender) and the optical excellence of Canon’s premium UHDxs series, the CJ20ex5B 4K broadcast lens has the versatility and quality to be used in a multitude of demanding environments. The flexibility provided by this groundbreaking focal range enables shooters to get up to 10% wider than previously possible in a midrange lens, while also being able to zoom in tight for facial closeups, all without losing image sharpness. In this video, see how the CJ20 excels at a variety of sports shooting, including basketball, football, golf, and boxing, and hear from industry veteran Jeff Zachary on his experience testing the lens.

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