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KH19x6.7 KTS


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Highly accurate gear backlash reduction in order to cope with the high level requirements of SDTV and HDTV applications. Improved maximum zoom speed of 1.0 second HDTV optical performance and specifications Diverse applications include; remote control studio production, point of view cameras, cameras installed in inaccessible locations etc. The KH 19X6.7 KTS lens also touts some other noteworthy features, including:
Newly developed optical materials combined with the very latest lens element design innovations and multilayer coatings produce an unsurpassed pristine imaging system for the most discerning production team.
A Canon design innovation that uses a floating optical system to better control chromatic aberrations.
Specifically designed for the HDC-X300/X310 compact HD camera and the HD XDCAM camcorders of Sony, which utilize three 1/2-inch 1440-element CCD imagers. The lens has a special feature in having an interface to the Sony-developed Auto-Focus system built into these acquisition systems.
Ergonomic mechanical design that produced this HD lens having the same size and weight as its SDTV predecessor. Aluminum alloy body for light weight and exceptional durability.
All contemporary Canon lenses avoid the use of materials and substances potentially harmful to the environment. Lead has been removed from all optics, and other identified substances such as cadmium, mercury, PBBS etc from all components comprising the composite lens system.   *All Canon Remote Control TV Lenses accept 3 types of Canon standard controllers, as well as standard remote control cables, which are designed to provide different types of zoom, focus and iris remote control. These lenses are also available with a simple interface for use with custom controllers.

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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