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HDTV Field Box Lenses

Item Code: 0101T400

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  • Simultaneously offers a maximum wide angle of 8.8mm and a high magnification of 80x for wider and longer-distance shooting.

    The XJ80x8.8B is capable of a maximum wide angle of 8.8mm (57.2° perpendicular angle of view), which is approximately 5% wider than previous long-zoom lenses. This enables the lens to pull back and fully capture the scene even in limited space, and also capture images that exhibit a stunning degree of intensity.

    With high magnification boasting a zoom factor of 80x, the XJ80x8.8B allows any and all scenes, from a panoramic view of a stadium to the detailed expressions on players, to be taken with a single lens.

  • Incorporates an advanced image stabilizer, a formidable ally of cameramen everywhere for mitigating vibration of all kinds, as a standard function.

    The image stabilizer feature by Canon has been faithfully used over the years at many of the world's highest-profile sporting events, and is now considered a must when shooting sports. With the XJ80x8.8B, a more advanced version of Canon's image stabilizer has been incorporated as a standard feature.

    With a new sensor and sped-up control circuit, this latest version of the image stabilizer significantly curbs vibration, particularly in the high frequency range. By successfully suppressing all kinds of vibration, such as that generated by wind and excited fans in the stands, the XJ80x8.8B's image stabilizer allows the capture of stable, clear video even at super-telephoto range. It also makes camerawork a comfortable endeavor by largely mitigating the "aftershock" phenomenon that occurs when an image moves after the camera operator stops panning.

  • Superior operability and tracking enables you to capture images exactly as you want to.

    With its superior operability, the XJ80x8.8B makes nimble camerawork possible while also offering enhanced width and higher magnification despite no intrusive increases in physical lens size.

    Moreover, the use of a high-speed CPU and high-resolution encoder, coupled with improvements in control algorithms, have yielded significant enhancements in handling subjects entering motion and subsequent tracking when zooming at super-slow speeds. The results are shots taken exactly as you intended to take them.

  • Reduces shifts in angles of view caused by focusing to nearly zero. CAFS (Constant Angle Focusing System)

    A 32-bit CPU calculates and controls the zoom when focusing to counteract "breathing" (phenomena where picture size/angle of view changes when focusing) and has almost zero zoom effect.

  • Support for Various Virtual System

    The XJ80x8.8B is equipped with high-performance zoom, focus, and iris encoders. With multiple support for encoder outputs, analog outputs, and serial outputs, the XJ80x8.8B can work with many kinds of virtual systems.

    It easily adapts to existing virtual systems because it comes standard equipped with 20-pin lens interface.

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