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YJ20x8.5B Series


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  • Three significant technologies converge to produce the new YJ20x8.5B Pro-Video production lens system:
  • Optical Technologies

    Newly developed optical materials combined with the very latest lens element design innovations and multilayer coatings - that produce an unsurpassed pristine imaging system. The IFpro logo identifies the deployment of the Internal Focus technology in the lens.

    • Combination of specialized optical materials, contemporary optical design, and multilayer coatings produce the superb imagery
    • Internal Focus - a Canon design innovation that uses a floating optical system to better control chromatic aberrations
    • Minimum Object Distance (MOD) of 0.9 meter (10mm with Macro)
  • Shuttle Shot

    Advanced servo systems introduce entirely new value-added creativity to handheld acquisition systems

    • Servo control that facilitates zooming back and forth between any two focal length positions.
    • In addition to the normal Shuttle Shot button, the feature may also be allocated to either the VTR or RET buttons by means of a DIP switch.
    • Maximum Zoom speed is now faster, 1.2 seconds
  • Mechanical Technologies

    Ergonomic mechanical design that produced this Pro-Video lens

    •  A new ergonomic grip specially designed to reduce operator fatigue during long shooting schedules.

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Product Category

Pro-video Lens

Product Series

YJ20x8.5B KRS

Image Composition

Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Object Image size

9.6 mm (H) x 5.4 mm (V)

Zoom Ratio

20 X

Focal Length Range


Angular Field of View

At 8.5mm
58.8o (H) x 35.2o (V)
At 170mm
3.2o (H) x 1.8o (V)

Optical Brightness

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1 : 1.8 at 8.5~113.3mm
1 : 2.7 at 170mm (Ramping Characteristic)

Scene Composition

MOD From Front of Lens

0.9 Meter (10mm with Macro)

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

92.5 cm x 52.0 cm at 8.5mm
4.8 cm x 2.7 cm at 170mm

Physical Attributes

6.4in (163.3mm) 4.1in (103mm) 6.7in (170.4mm) 2.58lbs (1.17kg)


6.4in (163.3mm)


4.1in (103mm)

Size Length mm mod1

6.7in (170.4mm)


2.58lbs (1.17kg)



† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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