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Tech Explained: Learn The Science Behind 4K Optics.

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Discover our new Compact-Servo family of lenses to learn about their compact size, high level 4K performance, and much more to help you get the best out of your video productions.


Broad Focal Length Coverage
  • Covering the commonly used focal length, 18mm to 80mm
  • Maintains focus throughout the zoom range
  • Performance that is stable across the entire zoom range
  • Brightness across the entire zoom range constant at T4.4 (equal to F4.0)

High Level 4K Optical Performance
  • Optical performance that is commensurate with 4K cameras with S35 format sensors
  • Same Color Characteristics as the existing Cinema Lens lines

Iris Mechanism for Motion Picture
  • Seamless Control Capability with iris ring
  • 9-Blade Iris
  • Iris Closing
  • Auto Iris available*

Minimized Focus Breathing
Newly Developed Servo Drive Unit
  • Servo Control Capability for all zoom, focus and iris
  • Power provided via camera mount*
  • Compatible with broadcast style servo lens controllers
  • Optional ZSG-C10 Grip for shoulder mount applications

Compact (182.3mm in Length) and Lightweight (2.65 lbs.) for Increased Mobility and Versatility

Supports a Wide Range of Optional Accessories
Auto Focus Function*
  • Continuous AF
  • One-Shot AF
  • Focus Guide

Image Stabilization*

Other EF Functions*
  • Remote Control of Zoom, Focus and Iris via Camera
  • REC Start/Stop from ZSG-C10 Grip Unit
  • Peripheral Illumination Correction
  • Chromatic Aberration Correction
  • Lens Meta Data Record
  • T Number/F Number Display Select

Compatible with EF-mount Cameras only

*These functions are enabled with compatible EF-mount camera models only, including Canon's Cinema EOS C300 Mark II and EOS C100 Mark II.


Model Name

CN-E18-80mm T4.4 L IS KAS S



Image Coverage

Super 35

Zoom Ratio


Maximum Relative Aperture

T4.4 (F4) at 18-80mm

Iris Blades


Angular Field of View

Aspect Ratio 1.78:1, Dimensions 24.6 x 13.8mm
68.7° x 41.9° at 18mm / 17.5° x 9.9° at 80mm

Aspect Ratio 1.9:1, Dimensions 26.2 x 13.8mm
72.1° x 41.9° at 18mm / 18.6° x 9.9° at 80mm

Minimum Object Distance from Image Sensor

0.5m (1.7 ft.)

Object Dimensions at M.O.D.

Aspect Ratio 1.78:1, Dimensions 24.6 x 13.8mm
43.4 × 24.3cm at 18mm / 9.5 × 5.3cm at 80mm

Aspect Ratio 1.9:1, Dimensions 26.2 x 13.8mm
46.2 × 24.3cm at 18mm / 10.1 × 5.3cm at 80mm

Front Diameter


Filter Size


Approx. Dimensions (W x H x L)

93.4 x 107.2 x 182.3mm

Approx. Weight

1.2kg (2.65 lbs.)

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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White Papers

What Constitutes a High Performance 4K Lens?
A 4K lens must anticipated a wide range of productions – including theatrical motion pictures, major television dramas and episodics, commercials, and a diverse range of non-entertainment origination. So what are the performance parameters that collectively define 4K optical performance? The following paper will enumerate these parameters and discuss user expectations.
Personality of the Canon Cinema EOS Lens: Design Strategies
The newer generation of Cinema EOS lenses came from multiple optical design resources within Canon, such as our EF Lens and Broadcast Lens designs.
Personality of the Canon Cinema EOS Lens: Image Sharpness
A design goal with the Cinema zoom lenses was to achieve an overall optical performance that would equate with the best of contemporary prime lenses over their respective focal lengths. Learn more about how these Cinema zoom lenses maintain their sharpness in a close-up or while zoomed out.
Personality of the Canon Cinema EOS Lens: Color Reproduction
The new generation of Canon Cinema lenses paid high attention to optimizing color reproduction of the lens-camera system, such as how it reproduces skin tones of various ethnicities.
Personality of the Canon Cinema EOS Lens: Contrast
Achieving a high contrast ratio is universally sought by cinematographers and is always a central design goal for the optical designers. Learn about the different designs that help achieve high contrast ratios.
The Promise of 4K
The advent of 4K cinema brings about changes to cameras, lenses, post-production and the home viewing experience. Explore each implication in-depth and see what this digital image format offers.

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COMPACT-SERVO Lenses Comparison Chart

Download and view this comparison chart to see a side-by-side comparison of our COMPACT-SERVO cinema lenses.

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ZSG-C10 Zoom Servo Grip


Exclusively designed for the COMPACT-SERVO lens, the optional ZSG-C10 grip makes it easier to operate the lens, helping to support a wider range of shooting styles. Featuring an ergonomic form factor to help maximize comfort, the angle of the grip can be adjusted to help ensure a proper fit, and it can even be attached to the end of a shoulder rig.
Without ZSC-C10 Grip vs With ZSC-C10 Grip
Attaching the grip will allow the cinematographer to access a wide range of functions, including a button for one shot auto focus and to start/stop recording. An easily accessible rocker seesaw switch allows you to quickly zoom in or out on a subject. The grip can be also used even when detached from the lens, as long as the grip unit cable is attached to the lens drive unit. The new grip is sure to satisfy professionals with its high-level combination of functionality* and improved usability.
ZSG-C10 Grip attached to COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4
Mounting Angle of Grip Adjustable
Note: The ZSG-C10 is available as an optional accessory, and is not included with the COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm lens. Items included with the grip body are a support post, storage bag (for grip and support post), bracket, hex key and a user’s guide.
*When using the ZSG-C10 grip, demand operations and zoom servo operations performed using the switches on the lens body will no longer work, because priority is given to the Grip Unit operations.

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The Compact-Servo lenses are a new 4K Super 35mm lens category within Canon's Cinema EOS lineup combining the qualities from our EF lenses with the professional video features of our Cinema lenses.
The 18-80 mm combines the benefits of a compact and lightweight form for improved mobility. Designed to shoot video, this lens is ideal for the cinematographer moving up from our EF lenses, combining the functionality of our EF lenses with the video shooting features of our Cinema lenses.
Join Canon Technical USA Advisor Brent Ramsey as he discusses the features and benefits of the Canon COMPACT-SERVO 18-80mm T4.4 EF. This lens can be ideal for the cinematographer moving up from EF lenses.

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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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