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PL-Mount Cine Zoom Lens

Product Series


Image Composition

Aspect Ratio

1.78:1 / 1.37:1

Object Image size

At 1.78.1 - 24.0mm (H) x 13.5mm (V)
At 1.37:1 - 21.95mm (H) x 16.0mm (V)

Zoom Ratio

10 X

Focal Length Range


Angular Field of View

At 30mm (in 1.78:1 format)
43.6o (H) x 25.4o (V)
At 300mm (in 1.78:1 format)
4.6o (H) x 2.6o (V)
At 30mm (in 1.37:1 format)
40.2o (H) x 29.9o (V)
At 300mm (in 1.37:1 format)
4.2o (H) x 3.1o (V)

Optical Brightness

Maximum Photometric Aperture T Number

T2.95 at 30-240mm
T3.7 at 300mm

Scene Composition

MOD From Camera Image Plane

1.5m (from image sensor)

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

At 1.78:1
98.0×55.1cm at 30mm
9.7×5.4cm at 300mm
At 1.37:1
89.1×65.0cm at 30mm
8.9×6.5cm at 300mm

Physical Attributes

136mm 342mm 5.8kg 300



Size Length mm mod1




Focus Angle





Highest Contrast: New glass materials and advances in multilayer optical coatings have produced a lens having an unparalleled contrast ratio High MTF: The contrast ratio is maintained at an impressive level far into the high spatial frequencies, and this combination of contrast and high resolution produce a vibrant visual picture sharpness Minimized Ghosts and Flare: The optical and optomechanical design of these lenses took extraordinary innovative design measures to counteract any undesirable optical artifacts stimulated by the effect of strong light sources in the scene Minimized Lateral Chromatic Aberration: Anticipating the extreme detail of 4K imaging sophisticated new optical design strategies were harnessed to minimize the wavelength dependence of optical magnification Color Matching: Computer simulation, employing the principles of the ISO Color Contribution Index (CCI) was employed to achieve a very tight color reproduction match between the two lenses 11-Blade Iris: An 11-blade iris is employed in both lenses to achieve a beautiful natural round bokeh on out-of-focus highlights Minimized Focus Breathing: Unique optical design has significantly minimized focus breathing facilitating a new level of creativity in focus pulls

Small in Size and Light in Weight: The new optical platform is unique in achieving extraordinary optical performance within a more modest size and weight. This will further expedite efficient crew activity on set High Accuracy of Scales: Large, highly visible focus scales, allied with contemporary manufacturing techniques that ensure their high accuracy, make these lenses especially operational-friendly to the cinematographer Back Focus Adjustment: The lenses are equipped with precision back focus adjustments. Respecting the desire of some cinematographers to avoid inadvertent disturbance of this adjustment, the mechanism is concealed beneath a cover plate. For those accustomed to traditional back focus alignment (especially in multi-camera television production) the mechanism is readily accessed with a simple flat screwdriver. Uniform Size and Location of Gears: Both lenses have a common 136mm front diameter thus allowing use of common optical accessories. The location, diameter, and rotation angle of the lens gears are identical which further facilitates convenient exchanging lenses on set

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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