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RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens


Item Code: 5554C002AA

Immerse your viewers in a whole new dimension through a stereoscopic 3D 180° VR world.


Add a whole new dimension to your story


The RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens gives you the ability to create an immersive 3D experience. When imagery captured with this lens is viewed on compatible head mount displays such as the Oculus Quest 2 and more, a viewer can feel like they are a part of the story that you create. With stereoscopic 3D 180° VR, your audience can see life-like depth and can move their head to look around the viewing environment.*

The world's first digital interchangeable lens capable of enabling stereoscopic 3D 180° VR shooting to a single imaging sensor.*^


The RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens is Canon's optical solution to the many challenges that have troubled VR image makers for years. This lens features a beautifully engineered and optimized folded optical design, with separate Left and Right optical systems - helping you capture stereoscopic 3D imagery with a 190° field of view to a single full-frame image sensor.

VR with Ease.


Pairing just this one lens to an EOS R5 camera provides the capability of delivering a single file - creating a powerful and convenient solution compared to traditional VR systems which capture a 3D scene with two separate fisheye lenses, recording that imagery to two separate cameras or image sensors, which write two files. This can save the user time and effort behind the camera, and in post-production by helping to solve issues such as multi-camera positioning, multi-lens syncing, image stitching, audio syncing, encoding and more.

Canon's EOS VR System


Canon's EOS VR System is comprised of this lens plus an EOS R5 camera with updated firmware (version 1.5.0 or later) optimized for stereoscopic 3D 180° VR shooting and a paid subscription-based software (Canon’s EOS VR Utility or EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro – both currently in development. Availability and details to follow on or about early 2022). This powerful and convenient combination provides much desired flexibility and efficiency, helping save you precious time accessing your content so you can prepare it and share it more quickly.

Camera Firmware.


To help improve the user experience with the uniqueness of shooting with the RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye lens, special features have been added to the firmware to optimize VR shooting. This firmware provides metadata information for the software to convert the image from fisheye to equirectangular. One of the features enabled with the use of this lens is a “Magic Window” on-screen overlay, accessed by tapping the [INFO] button that assists the creator in framing the central resting position which shows an approximate field of view in the composition. The user can magnify at 6x and 15x magnification then also use MF Peaking while magnified (a first for Canon EOS cameras) and additionally can swap between the Left and Right lenses with a simple tap of the [INFO] button while magnified. This is incredibly useful when manually focusing the lens.

The pairing of this lens and an EOS R5 camera allows for recordings at up to 8K DCI 30p equivalent resolution with 10-bit color depth when Canon Log or Canon Log 3 is enabled, creating realistic imagery with tremendous detail and color reproduction.

Canon Camera Connect and EOS Utility.


For shooting remotely, the ability to monitor with features such as the “Magic Window” overlay, Left/Right lens viewing swap, and fisheye to equirectangular preview will be available in a future update of the Canon Camera Connect app or when using EOS Utility software, making it easy to remotely view and record content.

EOS VR Utility and EOS VR Plug-in.


Canon’s subscription-based software solutions are an integral part of Canon’s EOS VR System – EOS VR Utility, a standalone software application, or the EOS VR Plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro (both currently in development with availability and details to follow on or about early 2022). With either solution, conversion of fisheye to equirectangular imagery is possible, as well as processing and exporting at various resolutions and formats to help you capture, convert, and process high-quality VR images and movies.

190° field of view and an interpupillary distance of 60mm


This lens is designed specifically to deliver outstanding stereoscopic 3D imagery. Featuring dual 5.2mm fisheye lenses positioned with 60mm of spacing between Left and Right Lens centers, it provides an interpupillary distance closely resembling human vision with a natural parallax for a powerful, immersive experience that brings the viewer to feel they are within the scene where the video or stills image takes place. With an impressive 190° optical field of view, this provides the viewer the ability to change their viewing angle within the recorded scene, allowing them to look around with use of a compatible head mount display.

RF L-Series lens.


Taking full advantage of the large diameter, short back focus distance of the mirrorless Canon RF mount, the RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens has two identical, L-series fisheye lenses. In addition to all the strong stereoscopic 3D 180° VR benefits, this lens also features the high image quality you’ve come to expect from Canon's RF L-series lenses.

L-Series Lens Elements.


The RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens features 12 elements in 10 groups, highlighted by two UD (Ultra-low Dispersion glass) elements and prisms in both the Left and Right lenses giving impressive color, clarity, and minimal chromatic aberration to the image.


Dual-synchronized Electro-magnetic Diaphragm (EMD).


Each of the Left and Right fisheye lenses have their own optical system, including separate — but coordinated — aperture mechanisms which seamlessly and simultaneously control the exposure of both lenses so setting your aperture is the same process as with any other RF lenses.


Manual Focusing.


Coordinated manual focusing of both lenses allows you to focus each lens using the manual focus ring. If needed, the ability to adjust a Left-Right focus difference adjustment dial to refine focus of the right lens separately from the left lens is possible by using the included hexagon wrench.

Convenient VR workflow


Simplify your workflow by eliminating the need to sync and stitch multiple video files. Canon’s EOS VR Utility software can easily convert footage from dual fisheye to an equirectangular file that can be exported in various file formats and resolutions. For Adobe users, the EOS VR Plug-in allows for equirectangular conversion to be done within the Adobe Premiere Pro application. Now, conversion, editing, and color grading can be done without leaving the Adobe ecosystem. Both paid subscription-based Canon software solutions (currently in development with availability and details to follow on or about early 2022) allow for convenient post-production.

Impressive flare control in backlit conditions from use of Subwavelength Structure Coating (SWC)


Canon’s SWC technology decreases ghosting and reflections that may occur when shooting in more challenging lighting conditions such as during strong backlight, providing versatility and more uniform color balance in the scene.

Large aperture of f/2.8 to a deep depth of field of f/16


The RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens is designed with dual optical systems with coordinated electronically controlled apertures. These provide a highly adaptable aperture range – allowing you to go from a bright f/2.8 aperture in low light shooting, to a deep depth of field of f/16 for more control of your exposure in brighter environments. Additionally, a gelatin filter holder is located at the rear of the lens allowing optional gel filters to be used similarly to previous Ultra-wide angle Canon lens offerings.

Compact, lightweight and portable


Thanks to the RF mount and the folded optical design, the size and weight of this lens makes it easy to use – even when shooting in tight spaces – and easy to carry in a camera bag. The RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens weighs under a pound and is just slightly over 2 inches in depth from mount to the end of the front elements – creating an incredibly compact and lightweight solution.

Dust- and water-resistant sealing with fluorine coating


Built to L-series lens specifications, the RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens features a highly durable RF mount design. With dust- and water-resistant sealing, you can be confident shooting almost anytime and anywhere, even in challenging weather conditions. In addition, fluorine coating is used on the front to help prevent water, oil, and other surface residue like fingerprints from sticking to the lens, which facilitates quick and easy wiping, without the use of solvents.


Focal Length


Maximum and Minimum Aperture

f/2.8 – f/16 (1/3 stops, 1/2 stops)

Lens Mount Type

Canon RF Mount; Metal Mount

Interpupillary Distance / Baseline Length (Distance between Left and Right Lens Centers)


Minimum Focusing Distance

0.66 ft. (7.9 in.) / 0.2 m

Maximum Magnification


Angle of View (Diagonal)

190° 00'

Lens Construction (each lens)

12 elements in 10 groups

Special Elements (each lens)

Two UD glass elements

Lens Coating

Canon SSC (Super Spectra Coating)
Canon SWC (Sub-wavelength Structure Coating)
Fluorine Coating on front surface of front element

Filter Size Diameter

Supported – Built-in

Aperture Blades (each lens)


Lens Switches


Dust/Water Resistance

Provided (rubber ring on lens mount)

Focusing System

Manual focusing

Left/right focus difference adjustment

User-adjustable, via adjustment dial (using included 1.5mm hexagonal wrench)

Dual Pixel CMOS AF

Not Supported — Manual focus only

Focus Guide

Supported – Alternate at image center of either selected lens UI by INFO button with cameras equipped with compatible firmware.

Manual Focus Peaking

Supported with compatible cameras.

Full-time Manual Focusing

Not Supported

Control Ring

Not Supported

IS Mode Selection

Not Supported

Optical Image Stabilization

Not Supported

Dimensions (width x height x length)

4.8 x 3.3 x 2.1 in. (121.1 x 83.6 x 53.5mm)


Approx. 12.4 oz. (350g)

Lens hood

Not Supported

Lens Cap

Dedicated Canon Lens Cap 5.2 (Center pinch type; bundled)

Dust Cap

Canon Lens Dust Cap RF

Lens Case

Canon Lens Case LS1014 (bundled)

RF Tele Extenders

Not Compatible

EF Extension Tubes

Not Compatible

Close-up Lenses

Not Compatible

Canon Gelatin Filter Holder IV

Not compatible; Built-in gelatin filter holder at rear of lens

Left/right focus difference adjustment Hexagonal Wrench

Bundled –1.5mm hexagon wrench

RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens

RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens
  • RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens
  • Lens Case LS1014
  • Lens Cap 5.2
  • Lens Dust Cap RF (not pictured)
  • Hexagon Wrench (not pictured)

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you RF5.2mm F2.8 L Dual Fisheye Lens that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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*Must be paired with the Canon EOS R5 camera equipped with firmware update version 1.5.0 or later and utilize Canon EOS VR Software solution(s) (paid subscription). Viewing in 3D requires the use of a compatible Head Mount Display.
^As of October 5th, 2021, among all lenses for digital interchangeable lens cameras (based on Canon research).

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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