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FPA-5510iX Stepper


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FPA-5510iX realizes large-field exposure without stitching exposure1.
  • FPA-5510iX is capable 0.5 µm resolution across a large field (50 mm x 50 mm or more) by adopting a 1:2 reduction projection lens.

  • Suitable for products requiring a large exposure field such as image sensor, advanced packaging and MEMS2 applications.

  • FPA-5510iX can perform one-shot exposure for applications with a chip size larger than a normal stepper exposure area (26 mm x 33 mm) and can improve both image quality and productivity when compared to smaller field steppers that require stitching of adjacent shots to expand field size.

1 Stitching exposure: A method of increasing exposure field size by connecting two or more adjacent exposure regions. The positional accuracy and alignment of the adjacent exposure regions directly affects the yield.

2 MEMS: An abbreviation of "Micro Electro Mechanical Systems" which are devices having micron-level mechanical structures such as collecting sensors and actuators that are integrated with electronic circuitry.

Proven FPA-5510 platform provides stable performance.
  • FPA-5510iX platform steppers adopt technology developed to support front-end-of-the-line semiconductor manufacturing and back-end processes and boast the same level of availability and reliability as the preceding FPA5510iZ and FPA-5510iV steppers.

FPA-5510 steppers are compatible with a variety of process options.
  • FPA-5510iX can be equipped with extensive optional functions including WB-OAS3, LOX4, EAGA5 that allow optimization for various process conditions.

3 WB-OAS (Wideband-Off-Axis Scope): Optional function that provides a wide-range of alignment light wavelengths to the OAS for wafer alignment. By covering the wavelength band from the visible light to the infrared, it is possible to perform stable alignment in most display and color-filter processes and in a backside illumination sensor process, it is also possible to align marks on the back side of a silicon wafer.

4 LOX (Low-Oxygen Exposure): Optional stepper function that reduces the oxygen concentration in the wafer lens area, which can increase photoresist reaction sensitivity and reduce required exposure doses which in turn improves overlay accuracy and productivity.

5 EAGA (Extended Advanced Global Alignment): Optional stepper function to correct for "nonlinear overlay error components" that cannot be corrected using standard AGA sampling and linear compensation. EAGA enables shot-by-shot direct position measurement for all exposure fields to improve overlay accuracy.

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Model Type

i-Line (365 nm) Stepper

Wafer Size

300 mm, 200 mm


≤ 500 nm

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.28 ~ 0.37

Reticle Size

6 in. (0.25 in. thick)

Reduction Ratio


Field Size

52 mm (max) x 56 mm (max)
(diam. 70.7 mm max)

Overlay Accuracy

≤ 50 nm (|m|+3)

Footprint (W x D x H)

2,300 mm × 3,340 mm × 2,700 mm


Low Oxygen Exposure (LOX)
Extended AGA (EAGA)
Wide-Band OAS (WB-OAS)
Pellicle Particle Checker
Chemical Filtering
Resist Outgassing Unit
PC Remote Console
Online Functions (GEM2, GEM0304)

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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