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FPA-5550iZ2 Stepper


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FPA-5550iZ2 provides high productivity and overlay accuracy.
  • FPA-5550iZ2 steppers reduce wafer processing time by optimizing the alignment, exposure and wafer transfer sequences.

  • FPA-5550iZ2 steppers shorten lot replacement time and speed up measurement and calibration processing to enable high productivity.

  • FPA-5550iZ2 steppers are equipped with a Shot Shape Compensator (SSC Unit) to enable shot shape correction of vertical and horizontal magnification differences and skew (shot distortion in diagonal orientation) within each exposure field.

  • Shot Shape Compensator employs original Canon technology in the projection optical system that allows improved matching to underlying layers and improved overlay accuracy.

FPA-5550iZ2 steppers provide a variety of solutions for logic / memory / image sensor.
  • Productivity improvement and Overlay Improvement options to balance throughput and overlay accuracy are available.

  • Color filter and other alignment system options established for earlier FPA-5550iZ steppers allow stable operation and flexibility for a variety of processes.

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Model Type

i-Line (365 nm) Stepper

Wafer Size

300 mm


≤ 0.35 µm

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.45 ~ 0.57

Reticle Size

6 in. (0.25 in. thick)

Reduction Ratio


Field Size

26 mm (max) x 33 mm (max)

Overlay Accuracy

SMO1 ≤ 15 nm (|m| + 3σ)
MMO1 ≤ 20 nm (|m| + 3σ)

Footprint (W x D x H)

2,300 mm × 3,660 mm × 3,000 mm


1Overlay Accuracy Improvement Option
Productivity Improvement Option
Non-linear Overlay Compensation (EAGA-FL)
Low Oxygen Exposure (LOX)
Pellicle Particle Checker
Chemical Filtering
Resist Outgassing Unit
PC Remote Console
Online Functions (GEM)

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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