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MPAsp-E813 Flat-Panel Exposure System

Flat-Panel Exposure Equipment

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High-definition production on Generation 6 glass panels

  • Smartphones, smartwatches and AR/VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) displays increasingly demand higher definition displays.

  • MPAsp-E813 flat-panel exposure systems have helped manufacturers realize the production of high-definition panels with Generation 6 glass panels (1500 mm × 1850 mm) and have become indispensable for LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) panel production.

World's highest panel process resolution

  • MPAsp-E813 systems achieve the world's highest Generation 6 panel process resolution of 1.5 μm for Line & Space patterns (L/S) and 2.0 μm for Contact Holes (CH) (among equivalent class of exposure equipment; examination by Canon).

  • MPAsp-E813 systems adopt a new mirror optical system design and illumination system that can produce high-definition panels exceeding 800 pixels per inch (ppi).

Overlay accuracy improvement

  • MPAsp Series flat-panel exposure systems enjoy improved overlay accuracy due to a new magnification correction mechanism and temperature control system.

  • MPAsp Series flat-panel exposure systems provide higher overlay accuracy at a higher speed when compared to previous flat-panel exposure equipment thanks to the new alignment system.

High productivity & high utilization rate

  • MPAsp Series flat-panel exposure systems feature wide-field exposure and are capable of producing high-definition display panels efficiently using a one-shot exposure method without stitching.

  • MPAsp systems boast a high stability and utilization rates thanks in part to stage precision improvements and increases in body rigidity.

  • Further cycle time reduction options are available to improve productivity and Canon is constantly striving to deliver additional improvements.

Designed for ultra-thin glass panels

  • Mobile products such as smartphones are required to be lightweight and thin and subsequently, glass panels required for displays must also be thinner.

  • MPAsp-E813 Series flat-panel exposure systems feature improved glass panel handling technology that makes exposure of a 0.3 mm thickness glass panels a reality.

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1.5 μm (L/S)

Overlay Accuracy

± 0.3 μm

Projection Optical System

Reflection Projection Optical System
(no magnification)

Reduction Ratio


Mask Size

850 mm x 1,200 mm

Maximum Plate Size

1,500 mm x 1,850 mm

One-Shot Exposure Area

750 mm x 1,100 mm

Main Body Dimensions

(W) 8,000 x (D) 9,900 x (H) 5,700 mm

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