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FPA-8000iW Stepper


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  • Wide exposure field (52 x 68 mm or 55 x 55 mm).
  • High resolution of 1.0 μm is available across the wide exposure field.
  • High resolution and wide exposure field combine to provide high-productivity and further miniaturization, a larger device size and cost reduction for semiconductor packaging.
In response to packaging processes that use panel substrates, Canon developed a new stepper platform capable of handling large 515 x 510 mm panel substrates. Severe warpage is also common in large panel substrates and the new platform and panel-feeding system can overcome up to 10 mm of panel warpage. As a result, the FPA-8000iW can help customers realize high-productivity and efficiency for PLP production of large packages.
Canon's original projection optical system supports a wide 52 x 68 mm exposure field while achieving 1.0 μm resolution, which is the finest resolution among packaging exposure systems that support panel substrate processes. As a result, advanced packaging technology such as Panel Level Packaging can innovate to provide high integration and flexibility in electronic system design.


Model Type

i-Line (365 nm) Stepper


≦ 1.0 µm

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.24-0.16 (Variable)

Reticle Size


Reduction Ratio


Field Size

52 mm x 68 mm or 55 mm x 55 mm

Overlay Accuracy

≦ 200 nm

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