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Learn about the growing world of the Canon MREAL System for Mixed Reality.  Visit the MREAL showcase page to explore customer testimonials, and key uses across a range of enterprise fields.

Watch a video overview about the Canon MREAL System for Mixed Reality.

The MREAL system is designed to integrate into an enterprise workflow.

What Is Mixed Reality


Mixed Reality is the process of combining the real world together with virtual images.  The result is an interactive and immersive experience allowing users to be immersed in 3D models while retaining a view of their real world context.  Designed specifically for enterprise customers, MREAL offers more realism than conventional virtual reality, enabling users to see, experience, and interact with their concepts as if they were lifelike experiences.

The Canon MREAL System for Mixed Reality is a hardware-software combination that allows enterprise organizations to bring 3D models to life for more immersive engineering, design, education, training, and interaction.  The technology leverages four key components to include:


  1. Canon MREAL Displays – The display brings a view of virtual images seamlessly superimposed onto physical, real-world environments. Computer graphic files are overlaid with real-world images the user sees, which are then displayed in one view to create three-dimensional depth. Canon's portfolio of display options includes multiple form factors: the MREAL Display MD-10, HM-A1 Head-Mounted Display (HMD), HH-A1 Hand Held Display (HHD), and in conjunction with a Canon Network Camera.
  2. Canon MREAL Platform Software – The MREAL system is designed to integrate into a customer's existing workflow. Canon's proprietary MREAL Platform is a middleware solution for viewing designs from leading 3D CAD and design applications in Mixed Reality with the MREAL Display.
  3. Plug-Ins & MREAL Visualizer – The MREAL system supports a series of direct plug-ins to third party applications such as 3DEXCITE DELTAGEN and Unity. With an easy-to-use interface embedded directly within the native application, plug-ins enable 3D models to transition into Mixed Reality with the same specifications, animations, and precision just as they were originally designed. In addition, Canon also offers customers the option to leverage the proprietary MREAL Visualizer software to bring various CAD files to life within the MREAL system. MREAL Visualizer is compatible with selected software applications and file extensions including: CATIA (V4, V5, V6), Siemens NX, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, JT, STEP, and IGES.
  4. Positional Tracking - To create an immersive, interactive experience, the Canon MREAL System supports multiple positioning solutions including third-party optical cameras, magnetic sensors, and Canon-proprietary markers that can be configured in a number of ways. Click here to find more information about the specific tracking options that are available for the MREAL system.

The MREAL System's components work together to create a powerful visualization platform to drive new levels of interaction and immersion for enterprise organizations. 

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The Canon-proprietary MREAL Visualizer software allows enterprises to easily take existing 3D and CAD files from a variety of programs, and transform them into fully-immersive experiences.  This allows customers to easily take their data and bring it to the next level in the MREAL system as a lifelike and interactive experience. 

The MREAL Visualizer software is compatible with a variety of file types including CATIA, Siemens NX, Creo, and SOLIDWORKS.

Within the software, Mixed Reality scenes can be constructed with the ability for the user to manipulate factors such as position, orientation, and scale.  An intuitive object hierarchy tree enables users to turn on and off the display of specific components and  focus on key sections of the model for deeper analysis.  Additionally, MREAL Visualizer contains modifiers that allow you to position or orient and scale your content within its own UI.  This allows you to take raw content directly from your design application and import it directly in for quick viewing in MREAL from a full 360 degree view.  Finally, MREAL Visualizer also allows for the creation of a “masked” or transparent object, which can be used to help correctly render the positioning of the physical objects and computer-generated images. 

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MREAL Visualizer

OPERATING SYSTEM Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate (Enterprise) SP1 (64-bit)
CAD FILES THAT CAN BE LOADED CATIA V4/V5/V6, Creo Parametric (formerly Pro-Engineer), SOLIDWORKS, IGES, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), JT, Parasolid, Siemens PLM Software’s NX, STEP, VRML
BASIC REQUIREMENTS The basic requirements for CPU, memory, and hard disk space vary, depending on the environment you are using.


For more details, please visit usa.canon.com/mixedreality/contactus to have a Canon sales representative will follow up with you.

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Effects in some images are simulated. Certain images shown are not taken with the MREAL system.

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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