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imagePASS Controllers


The imagePASS-M2 offers high-speed performance and advanced data processing of office documents. Originally designed for high-end customers with heavy data printout and processing, the combination of the imageRUNNER 5020/6020/7200/8500/85/105 and the imagePASS-M2 Print Controller is the solution for comfortable printing.
You can print documents almost seamlessly utilizing intuitive functions and features embedded in the controller. The imagePASS-M2 processes data with a Pentium III 1GHz processor, enhancing the controller's performance.
The imagePASS-M2 Print Controller has the ability to store and manage huge amounts of data while printing simultaneously. The ability to function efficiently is due to the large hard disk space that is available for storage and manipulation of documents. The imagePASS-M2's 20GB hard disk and 128MB RAM make multi-tasking faster for greater levels of throughput for imageRUNNER 5020/6020/7200/8500/85/105 customers.
Job Log Print Protection is a standard feature on the imagePASS-M2 that requires an administrator to enter a password at the touch panel, in order to print the log of jobs. The job log maintains up to 55 jobs, which can then be printed. This print protection feature secures the job log from accidental printing, and provides accounting with an accurate account of jobs processed.
IP blocking is used to permit or deny packets from a specified IP address or range of addresses. This function serves as protection and reduces the workload on the device when it conducts searches.
With the use of the Direct Queue on the imagePASS-M2, an end-user has the ability to print directly to the device engine without using the hard disk drive of the imagePASS-M2. This feature eliminates the necessity to store any data on the controller in order to process data.
The imagePASS-M2 supports PCL and PostScript drivers.
The imagePASS-M2 works with a large number of utilities. Many of these utilities assist in making the day-to-day task of printing and copying seamless, while driving the capability to monitor and maintain document processing.
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Direct Printing allows users to print PostScript, Printer Control Language (PCL), Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) and Portable Document Format (PDF) files. The FTP will support up to 10 simultaneous connections, as well as support user authentication.
With Copy Set Numbering, users can add numbering to one of five possible positions on a document. This feature is available for the imageRUNNER 7200/8500/85/105 only.
Legal-size booklets can be folded and saddle-stitched from the imagePASS-M2 PCL driver. This feature is available for the imageRUNNER 7200/8500/85/105 only.
The Mac OS X Plug-in Module enables Mac users running OS X to print to the imagePASS-M2.





External standalone controller


Intel Pentium III 1GHz Processor


Standard 128MB DIMM


20GB Hard Disk

Page Description Languages

PCL 5e
Adobe PostScript 3

Interface Connections

Ethernet (10/100BaseT)
IEEE 1284 (Parallel)
Token Ring (Optional)

Protocols Supported

Apple talk

Network Operating Systems

Novell NetWare v4.1, 4.2, 5, 5.1
Windows® 95/98/Me
Windows NT® 4.0/2000/XP
Solaris 2.5.1 or later
Apple System 8.6, 9, 9.1

Other Features

Remote UI
Network ScanGear
JBIG Viewer
Command WorkStation
Fiery Downloader
Fiery Spooler
Fiery Link
Free Form
Power Form

Connectable Devices

imageRUNNER 5020
imageRUNNER 6020
imageRUNNER 7200
imageRUNNER 85
imageRUNNER 8500
imageRUNNER 105



† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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