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Selphy Series


Create lab-quality 4" x 6" photos that last up to 100 years(1) in less than a minute with the touch of a button - no computer required
The Canon Compact Photo Printer SELPHY CP720 produces brilliantly colored, long lasting prints that rival the appearance and durability of images created by a professional photo lab. And it takes just 73 seconds&#8224; to create Wide size (4" x 8") prints. Postcard size (4"' x 6") images print in just 58 seconds,&#8224; and credit card size pictures require only 31 seconds&#8224; to print. Using 300-dpi dye-sublimation technology with 256 levels of color, this compact photo printer renders skin tones, shadings and fine details with true-to-life accuracy. A transparent water- and fade-resistant coating offers added protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and humidity. The high-quality photos last up to 100 years.** Automatic Dynamic Range Correction.<br/> The SELPHY CP720 features an Automatic Dynamic Range Correction function that optimizes the print image information sent from your PictBridge compliant camera. The benefit? You get brighter, sharper, better-looking prints. To activate this function, simply turn on "Image Optimize" before printing. ** Based on accelerated dark storage testing by Canon under controlled lighting, temperature and humidity conditions. Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of the prints; results may vary depending on printed image, display/storage conditions and environmental factors.<br/> &#8224; Directly from Canon PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC II Image Processors.
Paper and Ink for 4" x 6" photo prints are as low as 28&cent; per print(2) and come in one convenient package
You can make 4" x 6" photo-lab-quality prints for just 28&#162; per print.**&#160; It's one of the most economical printers on the market. Plus, you also get Canon's superior quality and convenience. Everything you need to create high-resolution prints -ink and paper - comes in one package. ** Based on Color Ink/Paper Set KP-108IP and manufacturer's suggested retail price as of 8/1/06.
Preview your images on the 1.5-inch LCD monitor
With the 1.5-inch LCD monitor, you can check the images stored on your memory card before you print. Then, set paper size, select layouts, choose formats and much more. <br/> 1.5" LCD Monitor
Choose from a variety of print sizes from credit card size to 4" x 8"(3)
Postcard Size (4" x 6")<br/> Share your adventure with personal postcards from the road. They're perfectly sized for mailing. Or assemble the cards in an album to create an unforgettable photo memory book. Postcards print with or without borders in just 58 seconds.&#8224; <br/> Postcard Size<br/> (Approx. 4"x 6") Wide Size (4" x 8")***<br/> Print 4" x 8" borderless photos in 73 seconds.&#8224; You can also create professional-quality photo greeting cards by using Canon's wide range of stylish, pre-designed templates included in the PhotoRecord software (Windows&#174; only) to create holiday cards, thank you cards and more. Select a single image or multiple images, choose a template design, and print. It's fast and easy! <br/> Wide Size<br/> (Approx. 4"x 8") Credit Card Size***<br/> Wallet and pocket-friendly, these stylish prints are made to share. Print them with or without borders in only 31 seconds.&#8224; <br/> Credit Card Size Credit Card Size Full Labels***<br/> Put your image just about anywhere with these bold, colorful labels. It's a great way to be seen in all the right places. <br/> Credit Card Size Full Label Mini Labels***<br/> Attach mini labels to application forms, luggage tags, CD jewel cases - anywhere you want to get noticed. Each sheet of labels makes eight identical images. <br/> 8 Mini Labels ID Photo Print &#8224;&#8224;<br/> Now creating ID Photos is faster and more convenient than ever. Just use your Canon PowerShot camera with the ID Photo Print feature to take a picture. Then crop and print it right from the camera. In seconds, you will have multiple ID Photos on a single sheet. Ideal for school or work, security badges, application forms and more. <br/> ID Photo Print Movie Print &#8224;&#8224;<br/> Create frame-by-frame prints of your favorite movies taken with your Canon PowerShot camera. Set the "Movie Print" feature on your camera to create an index print of the individual frames. The camera automatically selects key frames based on the total running time of the movie and the number of stills required to fill the sheet. It's a great way to keep track of all the movies you've shot. <br/> Movie Print *** Optional Paper Cassette required.<br/> &#8224;Directly from Canon PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC II Image Processors.<br/> &#8224;&#8224; Only available with direct printing from select Canon PowerShot models.
Print directly from your memory card via card slot, or print wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled camera phone with an optional Bluetooth adapter(4)
Use the SELPHY CP720's retractable USB cable&#8224; to connect the printer to a Canon digital camera or insert your memory card and preview the images on the LCD monitor. Now you're ready to print. With Bluetooth adapter BU-20, you can print pictures wirelessly.<br/> To print, simply playback a picture on your camera's LCD. Then, press the lighted Print/Share button. For cameras without a Print/Share button, simply press "Print" in the function menu.* If you print from the memory card, playback a picture on the printer's LCD and press "Print." &#8224; May not be compatible with all digital cameras; otherwise, use USB cable provided with digital camera.<br/> * Print function may vary depending on camera model. PictBridge<br/> The SELPHY CP720 supports the PictBridge printing standard, so any PictBridge compliant digital camera can connect to these printers. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of automatic DPOF printing as well as index, partial image, multiple copy and exact size printing. Print computer-stored images<br/> For maximum versatility, you can also connect your computer to the SELPHY CP720. Printer drivers and Canon software for both Windows&#174; and Macintosh&#174; are included with the printer. Wireless Printing<br/> Just connect the optional Bluetooth adapter BU-20 to the SELPHY CP720's USB port and you're ready to print wirelessly from your Bluetooth-enabled camera phone. You can even print via WiFi when you add an SD430 Digital ELPH Wireless camera with Wireless Print Adapter WA-1N. Just imagine the fun you'll have printing and sharing great spontaneous shots! &#160; Color Ink/Paper Sets<br/> <br/> KP-108IP<br/> 4"x6" paper, 108 sheets <br/> KP-36IP<br/> 4"x6" paper, 36 sheets <br/> Compact Photo Printer Greeting Card Kit<br/> 4"x8" paper, 24 sheets<br/> 4"x8" paper cassette, 24 envelopes <br/> KW-24IP* 4"x8" paper, 24 sheets<br/> <br/> KC-36IP<br/> Credit Card size paper, 36 sheets <br/> KC-18IF*<br/> Credit Card size/full label, 18 sheets <br/> KC-18IL*<br/> Credit Card size/mini label, 18 sheets *Optional paper cassette required. <br/> 4" x 8" Size Paper Cassette PCW-CP100<br/> Paper cassette for wide size (4" x 8") paper. <br/> Credit Card Size Paper Cassette PCC-CP100<br/> Paper cassette for credit card size paper, labels or mini stickers. <br/> Bluetooth Adapter BU-20<br/> Print images from your Bluetooth enabled camera phone. <br/> Printer Carrying Bag CPB-100<br/> Now you can be prepared to print anywhere. This ultra-light and stylish carrying bag has easy-access compartments that securely hold your Canon compact photo printer, digital camera and accessories.


SELPHY CP720 SELPHY CP720 Body Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200 Power Cord CD-ROM Cleaner Stick 4" x 6" Size Paper Cassette PCP-CP200 4" x 6" Size Trial Standard Paper Trial Ink Cassette


Printing Method

Dye-sublimation thermal print method with protective overcoating

Print Speed (up to)

Postcard Size:Approx. 58 sec.*Credit Card Size:Approx. 31 sec.*8-Mini Labels:Approx. 31 sec.*Approx. 73 sec.*

Print Resolution (Up to)

300 x 300 dpi:256 levels per color (Y, C, M)

OS Compatibility

(A computer with CD-ROM drive is required for installing software)
OS: Windows® 7, Windows 2000 SP4/XP (including SP1 and SP2)
Computer Model:The above OS should be pre-installed on computers with built-in USB ports
CPU:Pentium 500MHz or higher processor
Interface:USB (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP pre-installed models only)MACINTOSH®
OS: Mac OS X (v10.2-10.4).
Computer Model: The above OS should be pre-installed on computers with built-in USB ports.
CPU: PowerPC G3, G4, G5 or Intel processor.
Interface: USB (Models with Apple genuine USB interface only).

Standard Interfaces

USB Type A for camera; USB Type B for computer

Paper Compatibility

Postcard size: (borderless) 3.94 x 5.83 in./100.0 x 148.0mm, (bordered) 3.60 x 4.80 in./91.4 x 121.9mm; Credit card (label) size: (borderless) 2.13 x 3.39 in./54.0 x 86.0mm, (bordered) 1.97 x 2.63 in./50.0 x 66.7mm; 8 Mini label size (per one label): 0.68 x 0.87 in./17.3 x 22.0mm; Wide size: (borderless) 3.94 x 7.87 in./100.0 x 200.0mm, (bordered) 3.60 x 4.80 in./91.4 x 121.9mm

Physical Dimensions

7.01 x 4.92 x 2.48 in./178.0 x 125.0 x 63.0mm


Approx. 32.8 oz./930g

Power Source

Compact Power Adapter CA-CP200

Operating Environment

41-104°F/5-40°C, 20-80% humidity

Software Included

ZoomBrowser EX (Windows®)
Easy-PhotoPrint (Windows®)
ImageBrowser (Macintosh®)
PhotoStitch (Windows®/Macintosh®)
EOS Utility (Windows® 2000/XP, Macintosh® OS X)
CP Printer Drivers (Windows® 2000/XP, Macintosh® OS X)

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

KP-36IP:4 x 6 paper, 36 sheetsKP-108IP:4 x 6 paper, 108 sheetsKW-24IP:4 x 8 paper, 24 sheets Compact Photo Printer Greeting Card Kit:4 x 8 paper, 24 sheetsKC-36IP:Credit card size paper, 36 sheetsKC-18IF:Credit card size label paper, 18 sheetsKC-18IL:Credit card size 8 mini label paper, 18 sheets4 x 8 Size Paper Cassette PCW-CP100Paper Cassette PCC-CP100, Printer Carrying Bag CPB-100Bluetooth Adapter BU-20

* Canon Direct Print (Directly from Canon PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC II Image Processors.)
All data are based on Canon's Standard Test Method. Subject to change without notice. Canon, PowerShot and DIGIC are registered trademarks, and SELPHY is trademark, of Canon Inc. in the United States and may also be registered trademarks or trademarks in other countries. Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. All other products and brand names are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of their respective owners.

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you SELPHY CP720 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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  1. Based on accelerated dark storage testing by Canon under controlled lighting, temperature and humidity conditions. Canon cannot guarantee the longevity of the prints; results may vary depending on printed image, display/storage conditions and environmental factors.
  2. Based on Color Ink/Paper Set KP-108IP and manufacturer's suggested retail price (as of 8/1/06).
  3. Optional Paper Cassette required.
  4. Camera phones using IrOBEX for image transfer by "vNote."
  5. Directly from Canon PowerShot digital cameras equipped with DIGIC II Image Processors.

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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