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Océ VarioPrint 6000+ Series

Monochrome Sheetfed Digital Presses

Workflow Solutions

Educational Guides for Production Printing Environments

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  • Blaze through tough duplex volumes with ultra speed:
    • Océ Gemini technology for ultra high volume duplex printing performance

    • Field upgradeable speed licenses (temporary or permanent)

    • Near-perfect sheet position and registration

    • Offset-like quality with dazzling image resolution

    • Non-stop production for up to four hours

    • Environmentally sustainable performance

    • Three product lines/ four speeds for the best printing performance to fit the environment

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Printer Type
600 x 1200 dpi
printhead 180 dpi
Engine Technology
Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology



Suitable for the following monthly print volumes:
VP6320: 1,000,000 to 10,000,000
VP6250: 750,000 to 8,000,000
VP6200: 500,000 to 5,000,000
VP6160: 300,000 to 2,500,000

Print Speed
VP6320: 306 letter ipm
164 ledger ipm
VP6250: 248 letter ipm
133 ledger ipm
VP6200: 198letter ipm
106 ledger ipm
VP6160: 166 letter ipm
89 ledger ipm

User Interface

Intuitive 15" touch screen user interface
Multiple and customizable views ensure a productive and controlled workflow

Queue Manager, Job Scheduler, system status overview, multiple queues, job definition and selection options, bundle printing

Paper Input Module

Standard module with 4 trays, 4,600 sheets capacity
8,000 sheet capacity with Duo Tray option

Paper Drawer Capacity
2 x 600 sheets 20 lb bond plain paper each drawer
2 x 1,700 sheets 20 lb bond plain paper each drawer
(2 x 3,400 each tray with Duo Tray option)


2nd and 3rd Paper Input Module
(Max capacity 13,800 sheets, 80 g/m2/20lb)
24,000 with Duo Tray option
Roll-feed, approximately 60,000
(80 g/m2 / 20 lb bond plain paper) sheets

Paper Sizes
Width: 8" to 12.6"
Length: 8" to 19.2"
All custom sizes between 8" x 8" and 12.6" x 19.2"
(from all drawers, in steps of 1 mm)
Optional: Statement size (7”x 10”) support
Paper Weight
13 lb bond to 110 lb cover (50-300gsm)*
* Please see Media Guide for detailed media specifications.

High Capacity Stacker

Capacity 6000 sheets - 80 g/m2 / 20 lb bond (2 stacks x 3000 sheets each) All paper input sizes and weights are supported Including tabs support OEM output to third party finishing solutions
Up to 3 Stackers can be configured inline, offering 18,000 sheets output capacity

Set Finisher(Optional)

Capacity 4000 sheets A4/letter 80g/m2


The following paper sizes can be stacked (and stapled):

all (custom) sizes between:
- long edge: 275-306 mm / 10.8" - 12"
- short edge: 208-220 mm / 8.2" - 8.7"
Number of staples in a set: 1 or 2 position staple
Stapling positions: portrait, landscape, book
Stapling capacity: 100 sheets plain paper (80 g/m2)


Network Hardware
10/100 Mb, 1Gb Ethernet
Network Protocol
Higher Level
LPR/LPD for print job submission Socket printing SNMP Host resources MIBII Printer MIB

Supported PDLs (supported automatic language sensing)
PostScript 3
Workflow Support
Automatic language sensing for PostScript, PDF and PCL 6 Instant switching from IPDS or PCL5e /PJL to PostScript 3/PDF/PCL 6 Streaming behavior for all PDLs

Physical Size and Weights
Print Engine (PE)
Paper Input Module (PIM)
Input Interface Module (IIM)
High Capacity Stacker
including finisher (HCS/FIN)
High Capacity Stacker (HCS)


Sound Power
Standby 58 dB
Running 78 dB

Energy Consumption
Standby 1 KW
Running 4.0/4.3/4.4/4.9 KW
(6160/6200/6250/6320 at 80 g/m2- 20 lb bond paper weight)
Additional input or output modules +/- 100 W
Ozone Concentration
0.001 mg/m3 concentration

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Hardware Accessories

  • Paper Input Module Optional (Up to 2)

  • High Capacity Stacker 2.1 with Top Cover (Up to 3)

  • High Capacity Stacker 2.1 with Set Finisher (Max 1)

  • Powerlift for iHCS (includes 5 pallets)

  • Print Guard III (Qty 1)

  • Media Enhancement Module

  • Form Assist Module II

  • Statement Size (7x10"option)

  • Copy Control Interface

  • DFS 30-N Tape Binder

  • Booklet Maker BLM 200

  • Booklet Maker BLM 550+

  • Booklet Maker BLM 6300

  • GBC Power Punch

  • Tecnau Sheet Feeder VarioPrint 6000

  • SDD BGB3202 Perfect Binder

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The Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+, TP+ and MICR+ Lines are available in a variety of speed, input and output configurations.

Simply choose the combination of modules that meets your unique needs.
  • Field upgradeable speed licenses (temporary or permanent)

  • Paper input module

  • Océ Gemini Instant Duplex engine

  • Océ High Capacity Stacker

  • Set finisher

  • Optional roll feeder with up to 60,000 sheets of input

  • Optional output capacity up to 18,000 sheets

An integrated DFD interface enables you to further extend these configurations to include third-party finishing devices that support perfect binding, cover binding, folding, punching and more.

Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+ Line

Ultra high speed digital perfecting systems for commercial printers and corporate in-plant environments.

Ready to take your cutsheet printing performance to new heights? Meet the Océ VarioPrint 6000 Ultra+ Line, the world's fastest and most productive family of digital perfecting printing systems. Choose from four standard models: the Océ VarioPrint 6320 Ultra+, the Océ VarioPrint 6250 Ultra+, the Océ VarioPrint 6200 Ultra+ and the Océ VarioPrint 6160 Ultra+. And all are based on Océ Gemini Instant Duplex technology for unmatched power and scalability at speeds of 166, 198, 248 or a blazing 306 letter impressions per minute.

VarioPrint 6000 TP+ Line

Leading technology for high demands in Transactional Printing (TP) environments.

Business-critical customer communications are the backbone of your organization. To handle the underlying processes of business critical information, companies need to rely on print systems which are built from ground up to meet the demands in the production printing environment. The Océ VarioPrint 6000 TP+ Line sets new standards with duplex print speeds of 166, 198, 248 or 306 letter impressions per minute. Environmental trends, cost pressure and productivity demands lead to high volumes in duplex printing. The Océ Gemini Technology provides the perfect answer by imaging both sides of a sheet simultaneously.

VarioPrint 6000 MICR+ Line

High-speed MICR hybrid digital perfecting systems for highly sensitive, negotiable financial documents.

Ready to expand your application opportunities and do more with less? Building on years of experience in MICR printing, Canon offers the Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR+ Line - a highly productive family of hybrid digital instant duplexing systems. Unlike dedicated MICR devices that sit idle when you're not printing negotiable documents , like checks, the Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR+ Line brings you the best of all worlds. Near-offset quality. Power to get more done in less time. Scalable performance with speeds of 166, 198, or 248 letter duplex prints per minute. Security features to ensure safe, accurate check printing. And versatility to print standard duplex and MICR applications all on one platform. So bring on diverse and complex applications with tough media requirements. The Océ VarioPrint 6000 MICR + Line can do it all.

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Green Business at Ultra Speed
Environmental sustainability has been defining philosophy at Océ for more than 50 years. Today, the company remains committed to reducing ozone, dust and toner emissions, minimizing waste and improving working conditions for operators.

Click here to download the sustainability brochure.

Minimizing incorrect and unnecessary prints
  • Eco friendly single pass duplex printing

  • Paper Logic eliminates errors and unnecessary reprints

  • User friendly and intuitive operation keeps mistakes and waste to a minimum

Minimizing energy consumption
  • Power consumption up to 40% lower than comparable printers

  • Lower cooling and air conditioning requirements and no need for air filters or ventilation results in lower investment and operating costs

Minimizing emissions of ozone, toner, dust and noise
  • Virtually no ozone emissions

  • Lowest noise level in its class

  • No developer or silicon fuser oil

  • No toner waste and no need for toner waste bottle

  • Solvent free toner

Maximizing material re-use and minimizing no reusable waste
  • Designed for reuse and recycling

  • Accommodates use of many recycled paper types

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Product Demo

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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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